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Ephemera Society Handbook

24 July 2019

Background and initial briefing The Ephemera Society is a non-profit body devoted to the collection, conservation, study and educational uses of handwritten and printed ephemera.… Read more

Penguin Student Design Award Covers

24 July 2019

Background Each year, Penguin opens their Student Design Award competition, which provides participants with an experience of dealing with real cover design briefs first-hand. From… Read more

Reading Assembly – Movement (Tate Exchange)

24 July 2019

Background This is a project to design for the Reading Assembly. The Tate Exchange includes responses, workshops, talks and events, where you can join the… Read more

ASSETS 2018: Conference Branding

24 July 2019

Background The annual ASSETS conference explores the use of computing and information technology to benefit older adults and those with disabilities, such as visual impairments,… Read more

Coln Constituency and Loddon Ecology branding

24 July 2019

Background: Introduction: The project was initiated in the first semester of 2017 by two groups of second year geography students who required a brand identity,… Read more

WST - BMJ Talk

Typography Publicity Student Team

24 July 2019

The brief Publicity was a real job within our department and consisted of myself, Laura Marshall, Elliot Ellis, Jess Downie and Jason Yung. As a… Read more

Brand refresh for the British American Security Information Council

24 July 2019

 Background The British American Security Information Council (BASIC) is an independent think-tank and charity that truly believes that nuclear disarmament is possible. Their work… Read more

Let’s interface the Music and Dance

24 July 2019

The context Our client is a working artist and art lecturer at the University of Reading, Christine Ellison had a continuing interest in exploring the… Read more

Loddon Catchment Consultancy 2017

24 July 2019

Background I will be working with two different teams in this project. This project is to help the clients create a professional image for their… Read more

Wedding Playbill

24 July 2019

Background I decided to take on this project despite the quick turnaround because the subject matter was something I particularly was interested in. My client… Read more

Lula & Gabrielle

24 July 2019

Background: Mona Jibril and her business partners wanted to start a company that would provide a high quality line of nightwear and lingerie for women… Read more

Virus Illustration

Microbiology animations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

24 July 2019

The Brief Anastasia Rattigan from the Online courses team at the University of Reading develops Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) alongside the FutureLearn platform to… Read more

Fast logo designs for local businesses

24 July 2019

The brief In the second term, Part 1 students are required to design a website, however, they are given the guidelines and logos in advance.… Read more

Second Sight – Margaret Atwood Learning Journal Book

24 July 2019

Summary Second Sight is a book publication of Margaret Atwood-inspired works done by Part 3 English Literature students of University of Reading. I worked alongside… Read more

Art in Business

24 July 2019

Background The client is an Art PHD student at the University of Reading who set out to create a ‘document’ that visually supported and demonstrated… Read more

Tate Exchange Diversity Project

24 July 2019

Background Alongside my I am, We are Different by Design group members, in March of this year (2019) we held a workshop at the Tate… Read more

I am, We are Different by Design

24 July 2019

Background In the beginning of part 2, myself and other students that ranged across the three-year groups started, alongside staff, the I am, We are… Read more

Environment Europe Website

24 July 2019

This Real job is aim to redesign Environment Europe website into a clean, fresh new appearance to attract a wider audience and their existing participants… Read more

Signpost Employment Charity Website

24 July 2019

Restated Brief The aim of this project was to rebrand a charity website, the charity (Signpost) being based in Essex with the aim of working… Read more

Typography Applicant Gift

24 July 2019

Background The typography applicant gift was a project created to make a more personal means of communication with successful applicants, when congratulating them on getting… Read more

SPVRO T-Shirt Designs

24 July 2019

BACKGROUND SPVRO is a startup fashion company that take pride in sourcing from ethical manufacturers and promote social responsibility. They provide fashionable items to consumers… Read more

Loddon Catchment Consultancy 2018

24 July 2019

Brief The brief was to design a set of branding deliverables for two groups of environmental science students for a consultancy that they’ll be setting… Read more

Soil Science diagram

Soil Science Diagram

24 July 2019

Background The Soil Science project was a university-lead project which required several flow charts and tables in order to explain information and educate individuals about… Read more

Maria McKinney Sire Exhibition

24 July 2019

Background The MERL is a museum, library and archive dedicated to farming and the English countryside, aiming to maintain their relevance. Its collections span objects,… Read more

Typography Publicity Team

24 July 2019

The Brief During the end of my first year in Reading, I had invited to be part of the publicity team of the Typography &… Read more

Empiribox Science Education in Schools Poster Designs

24 July 2019

The Brief My second real job was to design posters with numerous illustration for Empiribox Ltd, a nationwide primary school science provider. My team was… Read more

Review of Daily Hazard Assessment

24 July 2019

The Brief My third real job was to design the Daily Hazard Assessment for the Met Office, which is the national weather provider in the… Read more

Kevin Kararwa Leukaemia Trust (KKLT) branding

24 July 2019

The Kevin Kararwa Leukaemia Trust (KKLT) is an organisation founded after the tragic death of Kevin Kararwa who died from leukaemia 3 years ago, after… Read more

Reading School of Art Degree Show Publicity

24 July 2019

Brief The purpose of this Real Job was to create a visual brand for the degree show for the Undergraduate students of the Art Department… Read more

HMP Huntercombe Prison Research Project

24 July 2019

Background This blog post covers a project we carried out for HMP Huntercombe Prison in Oxfordshire. Huntercombe is a Category C adult male foreign national… Read more

Celebrating Real Jobs

24 July 2019

Background The department of of Graphic Communication and Typography required two students to help with the organisation and delivery of the summer exhibition in the… Read more

Kaffee Haus Coffee Logo and Packaging

24 July 2019

Background Kaffee Haus advertise themselves as ‘proprietors of amazing Artisan Coffees expertly roasted in Nottingham’. The company is owned by Daniel Wright and Alexei Lambley-Steel… Read more

BrEDS Eating Disorder logo

13 June 2019

Background The British Eating Disorder Society is a new organisation aiming to improve awareness of eating disorders, and the care and treatment of people with… Read more

TY2ED Copyediting project

13 June 2019

Background In 2017 a new format was created for in-class tasks for Part Two which incorporated the University of Reading’s branding. Applying this same template… Read more

QVI Chiropody Clinic Promotional Material

27 February 2019

Group members: Bryony Horne, Cherise Brooker and Lauren Quinn Clients: Cherie McBride,  Ann Westgarth and Deborah Jenkins This reflective report aims to explain the process and how… Read more

Question journal

Question Journal

24 May 2018

Background Gareth Mills from the English Department at the University of Reading and Tabitha Stanmore from the University of Bristol set out to create an… Read more

Anna Fran Designs business cards

Anna Fran Designs: Branding a DIY Craft Business

24 May 2018

Background Anna has been creating and selling handmade items in Sydney, Australia for the past few years. Recently, she has officially registered her business, Anna… Read more

Typography promotional banners

24 May 2018

The brief The department of Typography & Graphic Communication asked for two banners that will identify key areas of the department. The topics for the… Read more

Mrs Myrtle Events Signage

24 May 2018

Our Client Mrs Myrtle is an independent events company based in London, a small business enterprise which offer their clients a styling service for premium… Read more

Large Classroom Education Toolkit

24 May 2018

Introduction With this real job, it was made clear right from the start that it would be an intense project, as our client – Katja… Read more

A to Z of Ephemera Exhibition and Website

24 May 2018

Brief The Centre for Ephemera Studies at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication planned an exhibition titled “A to Z of Ephemera” for their… Read more

Incognito Radio Events and Web design project

24 May 2018

Context Incognito has cultivated a revolution in Reading’s quiet underground music scene. Springing up from a radio studio, Incognito Radio is the central hub for… Read more

Entre Playas Signage Ibiza RJ00216

24 May 2018

Designing Entre Playas’ signage was my first independent design job at The University of Reading. From the beginning of the project I understood that it… Read more

PALS branding (RJ00197)

24 May 2018

Background PALS, or ’Partners for Active Leisure Scheme’ is a local charity based in Englefield, Berkshire. They provide leisure and recreational activities for children and… Read more

CQSD Teaching spaces guide (RJ00228)

24 May 2018

The brief The CQSD teaching guide project was to design a leaflet/brochure that is easily accessible to busy lecturers to help them to effectively use… Read more

Stenton Lecture 2016: print promotion

24 May 2018

Brief The brief was to design and print promotional material for the Stenton Lecture: a prestigious history lecture that occurs annually at the University of… Read more

Wynkyn de Worde Society Material

24 May 2018

Restated Brief As a team of four, we have been tasked with designing the promotional material for the Wynkyn de Worde Society throughout the year.… Read more

Typography room plans

24 May 2018

Background The department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading have multiple different rooms that are needed to host different types of… Read more

Tate Exchange programme

24 May 2018

Tate Exchange programme for Reading Assembly Background Tate Modern runs an annual programme called the Tate Exchange. Tate invites universities to run workshops in the… Read more

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

24 May 2018

Briefing From the very start of the Real Job, it became clear that this was not an ordinary Real Job, nor an ordinary client. Geoff… Read more

Moving Gallery commemorative catalogue

24 May 2018

The brief The brief was to create a commemorative catalogue, in the form of a folded leaflet, to explain the client’s art project: ‘Moving Gallery’,… Read more

Ecosystems Photobook

24 May 2018

The Ecosystems photobook was a collaborative project, between a photographer, an ecological economist and the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of… Read more

Creative Arts Anthology 2018 – Buildings of Nature

24 May 2018

Brief I was approached by James Lloyd, real jobs coordinator, to design the eleventh edition of the University of Reading Creative Arts Anthology; an annual… Read more

Department of Typography clock design and build

24 May 2018

Review of design agencies project write ups I looked at the way Pentagram structure their write ups on their website and with all of their… Read more

RJ00260 Watercress & Winterbournes conservation project logo

24 May 2018

The client & the brief My client for this project was a lady named Maggie Shelton; she works as a Community Catchment Officer, for the… Read more

Catalogue for Brazilian Music Film (RJ00184)

24 May 2018

Brief Albert Elduque Busquets, a postdoctoral researcher in Brazilian Cinema from the Department of Film, Theatre and Television was looking for a student designer to… Read more

Winckelmann exhibition design

24 May 2018

Brief To design print materials for an exhibition hosted by the classics department at the University of Reading entitled From Italy to Britain: Winckelmann and… Read more

National Youth Guitar Circus

24 May 2018

Background information National Youth Guitar Ensemble (NYGE) is a charity which develops talented young classical guitarists in the UK by offering them world-class coaching facilities… Read more

UoR Internal Library Hoardings

24 May 2018

Background information: Over a period of 4 years the University of Reading Library is undergoing refurbishment. The marketing team required some graphics to be made… Read more

The Moving Form of Film Conference brochure

24 May 2018

Background A brochure containing the full programme, abstracts, bio notes and other information for the II IntermIdia Conference ‘The Moving Form of Film: Exploring Intermediality… Read more

Study Smart animation

24 May 2018

MEETING THE CLIENT Once this job was allocated to us the first step was to contact the client. This job was part of an initiative… Read more

Reading University Drum’n’Bass Society Branding

24 May 2018

It has always been one of my main goals, to some day work in the music industry as a designer, and hopefully one day creative… Read more

Reading International email templates

24 May 2018

RJ00241: Reading International Reading International The initial brief set by the client (Susanne) was to design a set of email templates using MailChimp for Reading… Read more

Reside Dance Rebrand

24 May 2018

Context Founded in 2016 and led by Jennifer Christine Stokes, Reside Dance aims to bring individuals and communities together by developing connections to places and… Read more

Joyce Legal Branding and Stationary

24 May 2018

Client: Richard Joyce The brief W. R. Joyce & Company are a small firm of solicitors based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. The client asked for… Read more

Houndsley Dog Walking Branding

24 May 2018

Restated brief After we met with the client to discuss what they aimed to achieve, we sent them a restated brief, which was approved by… Read more

London International Development Centre (LIDC) rebrand

24 May 2018

RJ00227 London International Development Centre (LIDC) rebrand Designers: Fabio Rahmani and Orla O’Connell This London International Development Centre Real Job project was assigned to Fabio… Read more

Connect Reading Branding

24 May 2018

Ellie Hewitt, Fay Biggs, Fabio Rahmani, Jack Smithers   This project was initiated due to a branding module that we undertook during our third year… Read more

Young Ones Apparel

24 May 2018

Client meeting The aim of this job was to create 6 motifs which could be used across various sports fashion clothing items. Through our initial meeting… Read more

Barkham Brook and Permadrain branding

24 May 2018

Restated brief Two groups of students in Geography required logos and a simple brand system for their project. Each team was acting as a consultancy… Read more

RJ00263: Watercress & Winterbournes Conservation Project Logo

24 May 2018

 The Ethos of the Conservation Project The department was approached by Maggie Shelton, the Community Catchment Officer of the new heritage lottery funded project named Watercress & Winterbournes. The… Read more

Natural Flood Management Branding

24 May 2018

Introduction The brief was to create a logo and brand identity for the newly funded Natural Flood Management Reasearch Programme headed by three major universities… Read more

Lisbeth Poster Competition for TypeTogether Foundry

23 May 2018

During the summer term of 2017, TypeTogether organised a poster competition for the Part 2 students of our department in order to showcase their new… Read more

Degree Show 2018 RJ00207

23 May 2018

Brief The degree show is an annual display of work by the undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication. Traditionally… Read more

NHS Privatisation Pamphlet

23 July 2016

Background Keep our NHS Private (KONP) are a campaign activist group that are based in Oxford. Their campaign aims to keep the NHS public, prevent… Read more

Inside and cover of near finished booklet

3 June 2016

Images of the booklet, showing a near finished piece. Waiting on the comments of the client, to make final adjustments and to get it ready… Read more

Award-winning student banner design

17 May 2016

Congratulations to Part 1 student Emmeline Hewstone whose exhibition stand and banner designs won third place in Design Wizard’s 2015/16 competition. Emmeline’s minimalist design concept… Read more

Business & Domestic Website

11 May 2016

Company and Project Background Business & Domestic Insurance Services develop insurance products and services that protect businesses’ and consumers’ most valuable assets: their customers, health,… Read more

Chaplaincy poster and HTML email

8 May 2016

Background of Chaplaincy at Reading The Chaplaincy is base in the center of University of Reading and they are the ones who offer support to… Read more

Song of Crow

26 March 2016

Background and Restated Brief Song of Crow is a tale illustrating creation’s struggle against mankind, the species that has fallen out of love with its… Read more

Books in unexpected places

31 January 2016

Background ‘Books in unexpected places’ is an exhibition set up by Being Human. Being Human is a festival celebrating the humanities – arts, languages, history,… Read more

Reading Film Theatre logo

9 October 2015

Background Reading Film Theatre is an independent cinema that was established over 40‭ ‬years ago‭. ‬It is a charity‭, ‬which relies on the help‭ ‬of… Read more


6 May 2015

The brief The task was to design the exterior of a medical bus that would assist the public throughout its use. The client was Reading… Read more

The Ephemera Society advertisements

6 May 2015

The Brief/Client The Ephemera Society is a non-profit body devoted to the collection, conversation, study and educational use of handwritten and printed ephemera. Our brief… Read more

MediaFirst Illustrations

5 May 2015

*This job is under final checks by the client. Background: Media First are a training company based in Reading that aims to help those who… Read more

Creative Arts Anthology 2014 – Origami Warriors

22 April 2015

Brief I was approached by Dominic Nozahic, an English Literature student at the university, to design the 7th edition of the University of Reading’s Creative Arts… Read more

Made in Reading

20 February 2015

Client background: Toby Davies is the founder of Reading’s premier professional theatre company ‘Reading between the lines’. The term professional is a key word in… Read more

Enhancing employability: our partnership with DPS

21 May 2013

Design & Print Studio (DPS) contributes significantly to our BA programme through modules in professional practice, more usually known as the ‘real jobs’ scheme. Students… Read more

A new design for Modern Poetry in Translation

25 April 2013

Reading MA student Katy Mawhood’s new design for Modern Poetry in Translation has given a new look to one of Britain’s oldest poetry magazines. You… Read more

Our students do Good for Nothing

17 February 2012

Reading University Design does Good for Nothing from Good for Nothing on Vimeo. Twenty-seven Typography & Graphic Communication students worked on creative briefs for four… Read more