Global Goals Exhibition

31 May 2024

Thursday 9 May marked the opening of the exhibition designed by Aaron James and Olivia Moors for the Global Goals campaign. Displayed in the University… Read more

Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals

6 February 2024

Spring Term 2024 An exhibition by second-year students in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication The work featured in this exhibition are posters designed… Read more

Way of type – Evolution of Chinese typeforms

19 May 2023

17 April – 21 July 2023 An exhibition in the Department charting the development of Chinese type and type-making technologies. Chinese typeforms are the visual… Read more

Looking at women looking at themselves being looked at

22 June 2022

9 June – 9 September 2022 This exhibition, now open in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, explores the concept of the male gaze… Read more

Ed Fella: Exit Level Design, 1985–2012

1 February 2022

Ed Fella: Exit Level Design, 1985–2012, an exhibition in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication surveying the experimental graphic practice of the American designer,… Read more

>A–Z: Degree Show 2020

28 May 2020

On 11 June we are launching an online showcase of our students’ work. To stay updated, please fill in the form at . You… Read more

Real Jobs: Celebrating over five decades of professional design practice on our undergraduate course

17 June 2019

Alongside our degree show opening last week, we also launched a new exhibition celebrating our ‘Real Jobs’ scheme. Real Jobs has been our flagship professional experience… Read more

—brace the space: Typography degree show 2019

17 June 2019

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the private view of our degree show on Thursday evening. Our graduating class of BA Graphic Communication and… Read more

20th-century Persian newspaper types: investigating the design process

13 March 2019

An exhibition exploring the design process of the most significant twentieth-century Persian newspaper types. Read more

Armchair travel: exploring Central Asia in books

6 February 2019

An exhibition of books about exploring, trekking and travelling in Central Asia, next to the Reading Room. Read more

Richard Bird: National Theatre posters

6 February 2019

Richard Bird (1948–1993) worked under Ken Briggs at the National Theatre 1972 to 1975. In 1975 Bird became resident head of graphics at the theatre’s… Read more

One letter at a time

1 November 2018

Vaibhav Singh’s exhibition on non-keyboard ‘index’ typewriters ran in the Department in late 2018. Check out all the details at Contextual Alternate. Read more

Letterpress: possibilities & practice

6 June 2018

Due to popular demand, now on until 20 July 2018 We’re pleased to announce the continuation of our exhibition, ‘Letterpress: possibilities & practice’, until Friday 20… Read more

Letterpress: possibilities & practice

16 March 2018

An exhibition in the Department Until 28 April 2018 Letterpress printing has never lacked dedicated practitioners since its decline as a mainstream commercial printing process.… Read more

Emigre magazine: design, discourse and authorship

7 June 2017

  An exhibition in the Department 12 June – 14 July 2017 Emigre magazine, co-founded in California in 1984 by Rudy VanderLans, was a provocative… Read more

Have you ever really looked at…? A. M. Cassandre

23 March 2017

In 1994, Richard Hollis wrote: ‘Cassandre’s “Étoile du Nord” railway poster has become a paradigm of the Good Design to which we all aspire. But… Read more

Isotype at the Science Museum

8 December 2016

The Department has made a long-term loan of Isotype work to the Science Museum, London. The loans are featured in the museum’s new Mathematics gallery,… Read more

Material histories: Centennial Exhibition stencil

28 October 2016

In the last in a series of posts about artefacts in the exhibition ‘Material histories’ (now on in the Department), Eric Kindel tells the story of a stencil… Read more

Material histories: Tschichold & ampersands

27 October 2016

In the third in a series of posts about artefacts in the exhibition ‘Material histories’ (now on in the Department), Rob Banham tells the story of Jan Tschichold’s… Read more

Material histories: crossed letters

26 October 2016

In the second in a series of posts about artefacts in the exhibition ‘Material histories’ (now on in the Department), Sue Walker tells the story of ‘crossed letters’.  … Read more

Material histories: Emil Hübner

25 October 2016

‘Material histories’ is a small exhibition now on display in the Department. It presents graphic communication artefacts with a story to tell. The stories – the material… Read more

‘Time(less) signs’ at Austrian Cultural Forum London

14 October 2014

The exhibition ‘Time(less) signs: Otto Neurath and reflections in Austrian Contemporary Art’ runs from 30 September 2014 to 9 January 2015, at the Austrian Cultural… Read more

A very special ATypI

23 September 2014

As students were settling into their Halls for Welcome Week and the start of the new academic year, Sunday marked the return of several members… Read more

Exhibiting Aspen

20 June 2013

Aspen, described in the 1960s as ‘the first three-dimensional magazine’, was produced in California and published in New York on an irregular schedule from 1965… Read more

Typewriters: ‘new technology’ for everyday use

29 October 2012

  The wonderful exhibition of typewriters and related ephemera currently on display in Typography’s exhibition area made me look again through my collection of early… Read more