Baseline shift

A series of talks, events and workshops helping students expand and redefine their understanding of what a designer is, and what design can do. Here’s the schedule for this term.

Geri Reid: Creating design systems

31 January 2024

In week 3 of Spring term, we were joined by design systems and accessibility consultant Geri Reid. Geri divulged information about life not always going… Read more

Feedback Jam: Book Sleeves and Web Design

31 January 2024

Greg Bunbury, Josefina Bravo and James Lloyd joined together for Week 9 of Spring term provide their feedback and tips on students current projects, Real… Read more

Feedback Jam

18 November 2023

Autumn term Feedback Jam, hosted in Week 7 of term with tutors Sara Chapman, Josefina Bravo and Geoff Wyeth was put in place to assist… Read more

Greg Bunbury: Ethical design

18 November 2023

In Week 8 of Autumn Term, we were joined by Greg Bunbury a Graphic designer and consultant, as well as a sessional lecturer here at… Read more

James Hunter: Insight into magazine design

30 October 2023

In week 3 of Autumn term, we were joined by editorial designer and co-founder of Senet magazine, James Hunter. In this session, James talked about… Read more

Toshi Omagari: Videogame typography

21 October 2023

In week 2 of Autumn term, we were joined by typeface designer, Toshi Omagari. In this session, Toshi presented a wide range of enthralling videogame… Read more

Naomi Games: Abram Games’ legacy

5 March 2023

In week 8 of Spring term, we were joined by Naomi Games, the daughter of Abram Games, who was one of Britain’s most famous designers.… Read more

Harkiran Kalsi – The power of lettering

27 February 2023

Week 5 of Spring term brought us Harkiran Kalsi (Harky); designer, illustrator and hand letterer who has worked with companies including The BBC, New Balance… Read more

Sol Kawage: Design perspectives

31 January 2023

In week 3 of Spring term, we were joined by information designer and Reading graduate, Sol Kawage. Her love of typography and passion towards informing… Read more

Meggan Van Harten: Beauty of inclusivity

18 January 2023

In the first week of Baseline shift Spring term, we were joined by Co-founder of Design De Plume, Meggan Van Harten. In this session, Meggan… Read more

Marie Boulanger: My life through letters

21 December 2022

In the final week of Autumn term, we were joined by Monotype’s Marie Boulanger. In this session, Marie described her experiences in type design and… Read more

Alumni talks: The beauty of letters and digital design

21 December 2022

In week 10 of Autumn term, we were joined by three alumni of the Department: Font engineer Norbert Krausz; Sky Creative Designer, Aanand Tank; and… Read more

Feedback jam: Real jobs and typeface design

21 December 2022

In week 9 of Autumn term, a Feedback jam was held to help students gain additional feedback from tutors on their current projects. Gaining feedback… Read more

Rob Waller: Information, and why it’s designed

14 December 2022

  In week 4 of Autumn term, we were joined by the President of The International Institute for Information Design, Rob Waller. In this session,… Read more

David Pearson: Book design as a language

5 December 2022

In week 8 of Autumn term, we were joined by Penguin book cover designer David Pearson. In this session, David exhibited a wide range of… Read more

Nick Sexton: UX and a user’s journey

5 December 2022

In week 7 of Autumn term, we were joined by Nick Sexton, a Reading graduate whose design career includes working as a freelancer, digital designer… Read more

Time management with Rachel Warner and Gerry Leonidas

9 November 2022

In week 5 of Autumn term, we were joined online by our Department’s own, Gerry Leonidas and Rachel Warner. It is an annual talk, giving… Read more

James Hunter: Boardgames are beautiful

9 November 2022

  In week 3 of Autumn term, we were joined by editorial designer and co-founder of Senet magazine James Hunter. In this session, James talked… Read more

Malcolm Garrett: Anatomy of album covers

9 November 2022

In week 2 of Autumn term, we were joined by Creative Director of Images&Co and well-known album cover designer Malcolm Garrett. In this session, Malcolm… Read more

Baseline shift returns

5 October 2022

Our student-curated series of guest lectures returns this week, featuring live in-person sessions for the first time in two years. Read more

Career journeys of Reading Alumni: Kelly Batchelor and Peter Wright

4 April 2022

In the penultimate week of Spring term, we had the honour of being joined by two Reading alumni: product designers, Peter Wright and Kelly Batchelor.… Read more

Life after Reading: Oliver Tomlinson

4 April 2022

Oliver Tomlinson, Reading graduate and user-centred information designer, spoke at Baseline shift on how users interact with their environments and objects in daily life. Read more

Lucinda Scholey: Freelancing and Launch Studio

2 February 2022

Lucinda Scholey is founder and designer at Launch studios. She offered us ‘Six things to know before taking the freelancer leap of faith’ Read more

Life after Reading: Mecca Pictograms with Joan Zalacain

2 February 2022

Joan Zalacain discusses his career in wayfinding and pictogram design, and his Mecca wayfinding project in particular. Read more

Aseil Amgheib: Design Wolf Studios

23 January 2022

Aseil Amgheib, the owner of Design Wolf Studios, provided insights into launching a brand design business in a 21st century crisis. Read more

I am, we are … Different By Design: Manifesto

18 January 2022

On this week’s Baseline Shift, the University of Reading’s Different by Design team, currently consisting of Lamar Kaki and Minh Nguyen, joined us to give… Read more

Feedback jam: Magazines & packaging

8 November 2021

Rob Banham and Mattew Lickiss joined us in one of our feedback sessions. Our feedback sessions are dedicated to helping students get additional feedback from tutors on a particular project of theirs. We… Read more

Motion and branding for Sky Sports: Katarina Duvnjak 

2 November 2021

This week, the Baseline Shift team welcomed Katarina Duvjnak for a talk about her career in motion and branding for Sky sports, and her experiences after graduating from our… Read more

Alumni talks: Human centred design and setting boundaries

2 November 2021

This week, the baseline shift team organised another Alumni Talk session. This week, we welcomed Jonathan Saunders and Luke Carter.  Jonathan and Luke had plenty of well-meaning advice to give… Read more

Arjun Khara: Design philosophies to live by

18 October 2021

With a fresh start to the academic year, Baseline Shift hosted its first session of the year online to welcome Arjun Khara,  PHD student and… Read more

Studio FourPlus

22 June 2021

Top 10 tips from Ivalo Nedkov, a co-owner of Studio FourPlus, which is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The studio specialises in branding and motion design. Read more

Alumni talks: strive for progress

22 June 2021

In week 10 Baseline Shift welcomed back some graduates from the department who talked to us about their journey after graduation and current positions. Lined… Read more

Design Print Bind: Working together

22 June 2021

Flaminia Rossi and Samantha Whetton, owners of Design Print Bind talked to us about running a small studio, what it’s like as a freelancer and… Read more

Seniz Husseyin: Shaping careers into the third sector

22 June 2021

In week 5 of the Spring term, Baseline Shift welcomed Typography & Graphic Communication graduate Seniz Husseyin who talked to the students about her experience… Read more

Achilles Gerokostopoulos: Design as a team sport

22 June 2021

In week 4 of the Spring term, Baseline Shift had the pleasure to host a talk by Achilles Gerokostopoulos – a graduate of the department… Read more

Baseline shift animations 2020-21

25 May 2021

Background Baseline Shift is a series of design talks, events and workshops organised by a team of students for students at the department of Typography… Read more

Baseline shift: organising, promoting and hosting a series of design talks

24 May 2021

Baseline shift – our series of design talks – is student-led. Find out what this entails. Read more

Feedback jam: graphic instructions, leaflet designs and designing for screen

24 March 2021

Week 9 Baseline shift presented a feedback session by our tutors. Here are super useful tips for all designers! Read more

How to manage your time

4 March 2021

Time management is an elusive skill that tricks even the best of us. Here are some useful tips that our lecturers gave us to help… Read more

Book design: from between the covers and behind the binding

5 February 2021

Bryn Walls shares his experience and knowledge with extraordinary book formats and originality in binding designs. Read more

The world of font design

28 January 2021

Want to learn more about how typefaces are designed? read this blog post to understand how designers master them! Read more

Joan Zalacain: Life after Reading

28 January 2021

what is wayfinding? Joan Zalacain shares his experience and process of a big wayfinding system project Read more

Carl Middleton on design, type and letterpress

4 January 2021

Carl Middleton, award-winning designer, graphic artist and print-maker, talked to us about his professional design practice and his letterpress work. Read more

From MA student to UX designer: Edward Liu

14 December 2020

This week’s Baseline Shift welcomed Edward Liu, an MA graduate now working as a UX Designer, to talk to us about his unexpected start in… Read more

Feedback jam: app design, editorial design and the user

30 November 2020

Our tutors, Gerry Leonidas and James Lloyd, and some Part 3s, were on hand to provide students with informal feedback on any project. The resulting… Read more

I am, we are… different by design

30 November 2020

This week’s Baseline Shift welcomed our student-led diversity team – I am, we are… different by design – to organise a workshop and a talk… Read more

Laura Chamberlain on children’s book illustration

16 November 2020

Laura Chamberlain, a 2017 graduate of our BA course, returned to Baseline shift to tell us about the process of children’s book illustration. Read more

Designing for social change with Greg Bunbury

2 November 2020

Award-winning Graphic Designer Greg Bunbury spoke to us about his career in design for change and gave us some tips. Read more

Feedback jam: logos, hierarchy and what to do when you get stuck

25 October 2020

Baseline shift provided students from all years with a chance to get informal feedback on their work from a variety of tutors, and to share… Read more

A message from the future: you will be okay

20 October 2020

Week 3’s Baseline Shift marked the return of Alumni talks this year, welcoming graduates George Bevan, Racheal Paris and Sacha Harding to talk to us… Read more

David Pearson on book cover design

12 October 2020

David Pearson, acclaimed British book cover designer, returned to Baseline shift this autumn term to tell us more about his latest work. Read more

Assessment and feedback in our department

7 October 2020

James Lloyd, our Part 1 tutor, outlines the key things to know about assessment and feedback on our course. Read more

Student-run Department Social Media accounts

10 June 2020

Real Job: Our students asked if they could build and manage an Instagram account for the Department. @_timwatkins @UniofReading Read more

8×8, a day of arcade game typography with Toshi Omagari

5 February 2020

We themed a day of events around Toshi’s new book. Read more

The Counter Press: utilising letterpress in contemporary practice

22 January 2020

David Marshall and Elizabeth Ellis, founders of The Counter Press, continue to make use of letterpress in the modern day. How, and why…? Read more

How our students are promoting diversity in the creative field

17 January 2020

The ‘I am, we are… Different by design’ team present their latest work: the second edition of their zine, and workshop at the Tate Exchange.… Read more

Wayfinding and cross-cultural design with Joan Zalacain and Zofia Szostkiewicz

17 January 2020

Highlights and insights from Joan and Zofia’s all-digital signage project in Mecca. Read more

A visit from DK

16 January 2020

Karen Self (Art Director), Michael Duffy (Managing Art Editor) and Kit Lane (Designer and alumni of the Department) joined us for a day of workshopping,… Read more

Student drawing at Baseline shift creativity and ideation session.

What is creativity?

21 November 2019

James Lloyd gave us an insight into expanding student skills in creativity and ideation. Tldr? Learn stuff, and mix it up. Read more

Good essay writing: techniques, tips and characteristics

11 November 2019

Rob Banham explains what is expected of a high quality essay for Graphic Communication and Typography BA, and how university essays are different to A-level… Read more

UX insights from visiting graduates

7 November 2019

Graphic Communication and Typography graduates, Carmen Martinez, Neil Linford-Relph and Aman Verma, share their experiences of UI and UX design. Read more

David Pearson: What makes a great book cover?

7 November 2019

David Pearson’s experience in real life book cover design, and how his experimentation with different design methods helped create exciting and unique book covers. Read more

Ravensburg ’19 and the D&AD awards

21 March 2019

Our collaboration with DHBW Ravensburg saw 40 German students join us for a day of presentations centred on the D&AD New Blood awards. The exchange also… Read more

Lauren Towner: The life of a professional illustrator

21 March 2019

Lauren Towner came to speak with our undergraduates about the experience of creating illustrations on-demand, on-brief and on-time, and what designers can learn from the… Read more

Internship image

Making work experience pay: Introducing the Reading Internship Scheme

27 February 2019

Claire Mack and Holly Forsyth outlined the opportunities for paid graphic design internships, co-funded by the University. Read more

‘It’s never right the first time’

22 February 2019

Alison Black led week 3’s Baseline Shift talk on approaches to academic writing. She focused on the emotional experience of writing, the barriers that stop… Read more

Paul Luna: a very short introduction to typography

25 January 2019

‘It’s not all about fonts!’ At a special Baseline Shift session, our former Head of Department stressed the importance of design for reading. Read more

Typography alumni talks: a look at our future

10 December 2018

Typography graduates from the past 15 years returned to give us an insight into how their careers have progressed since graduating. Read more

Creativity, Ideation, and Process Workshop

29 November 2018

Wendy Mclean, a Teaching Fellow in Studio Art at Reading, led a fun and interactive workshop about creativity, ideation, and process. Read more

IBM iX: design thinking, processes and opportunities

27 November 2018

Milly Longbottom and Will Trickey, alumni of our department who now work at IBM, came to talk to Part 1 students about UX design process… Read more

David Pearson: Flowers, Football & Fonts…

16 November 2018

David Pearson began his talk to Typography students at the University of Reading citing three things that sum up what really interest him – the… Read more

Research introductions

14 November 2018

Alison Black, Jeanne Louise Moys, Sue Walker, Gerry Leonidas and Eric Kindel showcased a range of research projects, past and present, to give Part 1… Read more

The basics: a guide to good writing and referencing

1 November 2018

In Typography at the University of Reading, a huge importance is placed on having a good academic writing ability. Week four and five of the… Read more

Making a ZINE: ‘I am, we are… different by design’

30 October 2018

Our second Baseline Shift session was run by Camara Dick, Seniz Husseyin, Malaika Johnson and Martha Macri, members of a group of students who have… Read more

DK at the University of Reading

17 October 2018

Our first Baseline shift Wednesday morning session kicked off this week and Typography students were lucky enough to receive a visit from two members of… Read more