Naomi Games: Abram Games’ legacy

In week 8 of Spring term, we were joined by Naomi Games, the daughter of Abram Games, who was one of Britain’s most famous designers. Naomi told students about Abram’s life as a graphic designer during World War Two, along with memories of her father during his career, and his wish to become the most successful designer in Britain.

Developing skills

Naomi explained how her father was taught airbrushing and photography by his father. He became highly skilled and began to build a portfolio of posters. After his time at St Martins School of Art, Games taught himself to draw, which he often practiced whilst staying with his father. Expanding knowledge and skills with different tools and building a professional portfolio was his focus, which is still relevant to how students dev elope and show off their abilities today. Games was told he would never achieve his dream of becoming the greatest poster designer in Britain by his headmaster; but he pursued his talents and work with pride, as all students should.

Naomi said that the ‘Your talk may kill your comrades’ was Games’ favourite poster design because of its message and visceral concept.

‘Curiosity courage and concentration’ – Naomi Games

Inspired by the likes of Mckinght Kauffer, Games continued to produce posters, winning various competitions. When war broke out, he was commissioned to design posters to encourage more men to enlist. During the talk, students learned about Games’ effort to communicate simple messages with intense emotions through the combination of photography, typography and the use of his airbrush. Learning to combine a multitude of useful techniques opens many pathways for students when trying to produce unique solutions.

One of Abram Games’ most famous posters, Naomi revealed that her mother’s name is hidden in the knitting in the poster.

‘His posters were visceral and realist, making his work hard to look at but more noticeable’ – Naomi Games


Naomi bringing her father’s work to life was inspiring for students. Games’ work showed us ways of harnessing current technology to create emotion and impact in design work.  This talk taught students to pursue their passions along with developing new skills to create more (and more innovative) solutions to design problems. Listening to Naomi speak about her father’s work, one of the greatest poster designers in Britain’s history, was motivating for students working on their own projects.

‘Her experiences through seeing her father’s success was heart-warming to hear.’ – Part 2 student 

‘She let us look at the examples of work and the airbrushes. It was amazing. Really loved this session. Glad it was in person.’ – Part 2 student