Baseline shift

Baseline shift

A series of talks, events and workshops helping students expand and redefine their understanding of what a designer is, and what design can do.

Good essay writing: techniques, tips and characteristics

11 November 2019

Rob Banham explains what is expected of a high quality essay for Graphic Communication and Typography BA, and how university essays are different to A-level… Read more

UX insights from visiting graduates

7 November 2019

Graphic Communication and Typography graduates, Carmen Martinez, Neil Linford-Relph and Aman Verma, share their experiences of UI and UX design. Read more

David Pearson: What makes a great book cover?

7 November 2019

David Pearson’s experience in real life book cover design, and how his experimentation with different design methods helped create exciting and unique book covers. Read more

Ravensburg ’19 and the D&AD awards

21 March 2019

Our collaboration with DHBW Ravensburg saw 40 German students join us for a day of presentations centred on the D&AD New Blood awards. The exchange also… Read more

Lauren Towner: The life of a professional illustrator

21 March 2019

Lauren Towner came to speak with our undergraduates about the experience of creating illustrations on-demand, on-brief and on-time, and what designers can learn from the… Read more

Internship image

Making work experience pay: Introducing the Reading Internship Scheme

27 February 2019

Claire Mack and Holly Forsyth outlined the opportunities for paid graphic design internships, co-funded by the University. Read more

‘It’s never right the first time’

22 February 2019

Alison Black led week 3’s Baseline Shift talk on approaches to academic writing. She focused on the emotional experience of writing, the barriers that stop… Read more

Paul Luna: a very short introduction to typography

25 January 2019

‘It’s not all about fonts!’ At a special Baseline Shift session, our former Head of Department stressed the importance of design for reading. Read more

Typography alumni talks: a look at our future

10 December 2018

Typography graduates from the past 15 years returned to give us an insight into how their careers have progressed since graduating. Read more

Creativity, Ideation, and Process Workshop

29 November 2018

Wendy Mclean, a Teaching Fellow in Studio Art at Reading, led a fun and interactive workshop about creativity, ideation, and process. Read more

IBM iX: design thinking, processes and opportunities

27 November 2018

Milly Longbottom and Will Trickey, alumni of our department who now work at IBM, came to talk to Part 1 students about UX design process… Read more

David Pearson: Flowers, Football & Fonts…

16 November 2018

David Pearson began his talk to Typography students at the University of Reading citing three things that sum up what really interest him – the… Read more

Research introductions

14 November 2018

Alison Black, Jeanne Louise Moys, Sue Walker, Gerry Leonidas and Eric Kindel showcased a range of research projects, past and present, to give Part 1… Read more

The basics: a guide to good writing and referencing

1 November 2018

In Typography at the University of Reading, a huge importance is placed on having a good academic writing ability. Week four and five of the… Read more

Making a ZINE: ‘I am, we are… different by design’

30 October 2018

Our second Baseline Shift session was run by Camara Dick, Seniz Husseyin, Malaika Johnson and Martha Macri, members of a group of students who have… Read more

DK at the University of Reading

17 October 2018

Our first Baseline shift Wednesday morning session kicked off this week and Typography students were lucky enough to receive a visit from two members of… Read more