Author: Hanorah Murphy

Reading Film Theatre

Every time I add my flyer as media it seems to add a link to the PDF version of it. But anyway here is the link below to click on if you want to have a look.


I chose to use only black and white, as I felt it differentiated it as a flyer rather than a poster (whilst keeping it simple). I used lines to separate each film and make it easier to read. I used a grid system within the 2 columns, to make the date, rating and time easier to follow and read rather than just a block of information.

I added in about us at the bottom as I believed that it is important to know who to contact and where to go.

Temple disc and Smart ring

My partners 3 facts were:

  • Enjoys listening to music, favourite artists are Krept & Konan, Headie one, AJ Tracey…
  • Likes to watch TV and films a lot. some examples are Brooklyn 99, Power, Fast and Furious…
  • Likes technology, using it, watching videos about it…

Below were my initial brain storm of ideas from his facts:

My three random words were:

  • Software
  • Game
  • Bomb

Below, are my concepts shown through the matrix grid. I came up with all these using one of the elements above, and sometimes mixing them.

From there I re-drew my two final ideas for the gift. These were: 1 pair of temple discs and a Smart ring. Can be seen below.

The concept behind the Temple Discs are that when you put them on, they link to your brain. They take you into a different reality, where you can live as a character in you favourite tv show/film. I thought this was a good idea and it is a new experience as instead of just watching you are living it too. I came up with this concept from his love of watching tv and films. But also from the two random words of game and software.

My second final idea is called Smart Ring. It links to your brain again, however this time you control it all. You can speak to it to find out information, can control music, read out a text for you, send texts and make calls for you. Lastly works as a camera by capturing what you see from your own eyes. I got to this idea from the random word of software and my partners love for music and technology.

Social Media

The noun I was given was social media. I had a few ideas for this word which can be seen below in my brain storm.

I started my taking photos so I would be using primary photos instead of secondary . I then opened my photos in photoshop and developed them within the software. Resulting in these two images.

I went for this concert people as the image is more than less the same with change one element; the control. I found that my other ideas changed more than one element, therefore may not of been best suited for this brief.

I went for the concept of representing social media through someone liking posts on there. (to make it more clear by adding in the logos in the background). To another view that social media is toxic and controlling us. As the hand stretches to like the photo, whilst being with strained by the charging cable connected to the phone.

From Political to Social issues

For this project I split my collection into 5 different categories:

  • Magazines
  • Posters
  • Social distancing
  • PDF downloads
  • Covid-19 street art

For magazines I focused on Vogue and Time, as I found that they both covered controversial views on covid-19. I particularly liked these two covers from Times. (I found both images below in the vault for Times, under covers from 2020









If you are following the news at the moment you will find that America seems to believe that they are immune to covid-19. Or a better way to put it, is that it is a myth (according to their president Mr Trump).

I found the Trump cover ironic as when it was published (14th May 2020) it states “over the past 14 weeks 84,000 Americans died of Covid-19.” Yet America did not seem to be doing much to slow down the death toll. I found this magazine cover portraying the political     side of covid-19. Bar the controversial message the image is portraying. I particularly liked the graphics and typography that was being used. It’s a fairly simple image with type and an illustration of Donald Trump with a mask (that is not being used affectively), yet it is clever. I like the message of the mask not cover his mouth, as he believed masks to be stupid; yet we all sat here wearing them everyday.

The second magazine cover, covers a social issue during the pandemic. Of the youths of this time and how this will shape their life forever. I found this one a good one to use, as we right now are in education and we are the youth being affective by this. The photographer Hannah, has been virtually photographing her classmates in quarantine. This imagery was done by a student which is why I think it is a good one to study. The issue Hannah wanted to portray was that she found that she was stuck in limbo due to covid-19. These years are the ones she’s meant to be transitioning into adult hood, yet she’s feels like she’s going backwards being stuck in her childhood bedroom for the past several months. I found this topic interesting as I don’t think its normally portrayed. I found a lot of social distancing and instructions graphics for covid. But this was the only ‘generation pandemic that I found. Which you would think there would be more off with the amount of students and people being effected in education by this.

For both these topics, I believe that the target audience is meant to be different, yet has ended up the same. They are both a cry for help to the general public of this issues following this pandemic; outside of the deaths.

Blood Orange

I found this session interesting and it refreshed my knowledge on how to use indesign. The one part I struggled with was the penguin book logo. I found it hard to make the curve of the ovals. Which I have gone over by re watching the video from that day.

For my messed up book I chose blood orange, as it is my most recent read book. I kept the layout the same as the original penguin books and altered the other elements. The changed the font to Chalkduster to create a horror effect. Although I would never use this typeface again as it just wrongs all the Typography rules on so many levels. I used neon pink as my colour as original penguin uses neutral respectable colours, so thought it would create more fun. I lastly changed the colour of the penguin symbol to a space galaxy effect. Just to add to the fun quirkinesses of this new cover.


Labyrinth: a family moves into a house with unexpected spatial characteristics. The rooms keep shifting position every time a door is opened. The family members are trapped inside the house and start a journey to find the front door. While they keep moving from one room to the next, they discover that they are not the only ones lost in the impossibly infinite labyrinth of the house.

I shaped first half of the book in the outline of a house which can be seen to have a door and a variety of stairs to create the labyrinth affect in the background. I felt that my front page in the first page to the story and is a good way of visualising telling the story.

Here the inside of my book can be seen, on the left is this idea of stairs created out of the books pages, all being connected to a single door. Representing the idea of once the door closes another room appears on the other side. In a way the door represents a portal.

on the right hand page Is the outline of a door getting smaller and smaller as you go though the pages, representing the never ending of this house. I burned the stairs on this page to show them disappearing as you go through the each door.


The H in my name deserves the hierarchy

At first I did a couple of sketches to see which type face I preferred and the different ways I could create a monogram.

I went with Garamond font as I liked the the flow of the letters more. I decided to take my bottom left sketch further as I liked the idea of having my first name Initial as the more dominant lettering, with my surname in the background. I thought it was ironic as in the name your last name is your family name whereas your first name is you.

I then draw it out as a line drawing and as a whole. I preferred the full type so took it further.

I played around with different media, from digital, collage to watercolour paint.

I researched some famous monograms and found that they consisted of 1 to 2 colours max, mainly black and white. which lead me to my final outcome.

Lettering in the Environment

Mini project – Lettering in the environment – Eric Kindel

For this project I focused on trying to get as much variety of lettering as I could. I started off by walking around campus, then I ventured into Reading Town Centre.

Once I had all my photos, the next step was to categorise them. I displayed my photos into a collage form with the topics of; ‘Warning’, ‘Branding’, ‘Advertisement & marketing’, and lastly ‘Signage’.   These can be seen below.


Lettering in the environment

I used Adobe Photoshop to edit each collage. I decided to remove the colour as I found it heightens the danger in these signs. Also it gave me a different perspective to examine the lettering. I found the type to be similar and all consisting of a san-serif font. I looked into this further to see what the reason behind this was and I found it was simply because they are easier to read.

Below, the rest of my collage’s can be found.


Advertising & Marketing