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Ideal gift

Shark Outfit Generator

I was partnered with Daisy and the 3 things she said about herself were;

  • She likes sharks
  • She likes shopping
  • She likes chocolate

My initial ideas were having a robotic shark for a personal shopper, chocolate on tap in all shops and edible clothing made from chocolate. But for my final idea I created a ‘Shark Outfit Generator’. The idea is the shark eats you, acting as a walk in wardrobe filled with every clothing item and style available, helping to dress and style Daisy.

Damien’s Ideal Gift – Tiger Trophy with other statues

Set of statues and trophies for different aspects and interests of Damien.

I wanted the main gift to be a trophy to celebrate his 5 years of playing ice hockey. The jersey has his team number (13), and one of his favourite animals is a tiger, hence the combination. The sketching began with a simple silhouette of a tiger standing up and then was decorated to fit the colours of Damien’s team.

The other animals are decorations for Damien’s room, as he could use some more. He told me he likes reptiles and small animals, and so I drew a chameleon and a chinchilla. My random words to incorporate were umbrella and magazine, so I gave the chameleon a little umbrella, and the chinchilla is holding Damien’s magazine called Tag, that he worked on a couple of years ago.

Set of statues and trophies for different aspects and interests of Damien.


Plane Ticket to Mexico

I created the ideal gift with the given information of my classmate liking to travel, being half Mexican as well as loving the chocolate Kinder Bueno. I also found out some significant dates in her life as well as favourite letters (J, D, S), colours (pink and black) and numbers (4) to create a personal plane ticket to her hometown in Mexico from her current home in the UK on her 20th birthday, designed on a Kinder Bueno shape.

Band on Call


For this project, my partner gave me their 3 interesting facts to be:

  • Left-handed
  • Plays bass guitar
  • Works in a pub

I decided to take the fact they play bass guitar and design an ideal gift with that as my starting point. After discussion, I found out they wanted to be in a band, so I then thought, how could I give this person an opportunity to play with other musicians with the same mindset? This is where Band on Call was created.

Band on Call is an app that allows you to connect with musicians all over the globe and start playing as a band. The app comes with a projecter that shows live hollograms of the rest of the chosen musicians. You can request any instrument and interact with them as there is live time hearing, which wipes out the problem of internet lagging. An optional camera can be set up to display yourself to the other users and the system can be connected to external speakers, making the overall experience much easier.

I used my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to produce this and whilst designing, I stuck with the contrasting cold and warm colours of blue and red so the app icon stands out in the App Store and on a home screen. The logo has been made with a basic block letter, sans serif font as the telephone in the logo is the ‘C’, so this font worked best.

I created an opening page, a menu, a page that shows during a session, and an options page within the session page.

Kitchen cleaning elephant

My ideal gift for my partner is an elephant that is trained to clean the floor next to the sink! my partner has an incredibly annoying habit of spilling water all over the floor when he washes his dishes! And everyone in the flat walks into the puddle and end up getting wet socks. so this elephant is trained to suck up the puddle and put it into the sink. i decided on this idea as my random word was an elephant. No more wet socks. (:

Karaoke Jewellery box  


In this session Habibah gave me three words the first two were based off things that she liked and the last word was a fun fact.

The words she gave were:

  • Zayn Malik
  • Jewellery
  • Her dad knows Mr Tumble

I Began to brainstorm some ideas however I found it really difficult to try incorporate all three of her words. Initially I came up with a jewellery box that was decorated in the Mr tumble theme colours, although I thought this idea was good, I quickly realised that I had not incorporated Zayn, which was her most important word. I then realised that I was thinking about generic gifts and things that probably exist already and the aim of this task was to make the ‘ideal gift’ for your partner meaning I could come up with anything.

For my final outcome I continued with the idea of a jewellery box decorated with the Mr Tumble theme but I added a flat screen on the lid of it so that when it opens you can chose the songs that you want it to play for you as well as having the lyrics displayed on the screen so that you can sing along, This way Habibah can listen to her favourite singer Zayn


Touch Screen T-Shirt for Matt

Touch Screen Spotify T-Shirt

In the seminar, Matt’s interests were:

  • Indie music
  • Edgar Wright films
  • Interesting t-shirts

I wrote out a few ideas for each and then came to the conclusion that my best option would be an idea of combining music and t-shirts.
My initial idea being a series of unique signed t-shirts for bands that he liked, however I ended up making it a bit more interesting and going down the idea of a touch screen t-shirt that would allow you to connect your phone to it and then control/display the music that you’re listening to from the shirt itself.
Another idea would be that when not connected the t-shirt would display preloaded album covers of Matt’s choosing and cycle through them automatically with the option to change manually with a swipe on the screen.