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Ideal gift

A mysterious camera

In the Ideal gift project, we need to tell our partner the three things we are interested in, my partner likes food, taking photos, and painting in oil colour, so I designed a camera for her which can take black and white pictures after the pictures come out, my partner can paint it, when she uses the camera to take photos on the food and the photos come out from the camera, she can take the food out from the pictures. In the design process, we also need to choose a random word in our design, my word is the bird, my partner told me she does not like birds so I did not draw a bird but I add wings for the camera so she does not need to carry it and the camera can follow her all the time.


Toy dog diving game

Our task

For our first project, we were tasked to give our partners three interesting facts about ourselves that can be used to create a perfect gift. My partner’s facts were that she likes animals (her pet dog), she used to dive and her family is from Australia. From this, I brainstormed and came up with two initial ideas.

My first idea was a wood statue of her dog but this was a little basic. However, this idea evolved into a little toy dog that could dive off a spring board, as my partner used to do spring board diving, into a mini pool. I added a pattern of whales around the pool as a link to the fact that her family is from Australia and whales are native to north Australia.

My random word was magnet which inspired me to add a magnet to the bottom of the springboard to allow for better stability so that the diving board will not fall when the toy dogs are placed on it to ‘jump’ into the pool as a diver would.



Peaky Blinders Inspired Whiskey Bottle Speaker

In the session, Ben told me that his interests include football, rock music and the Peaky Blinders TV series. After completing an initial brainstorm for each possible topic, I began thinking of ideas until I arrived at three potential items that would be personalized and adapted based on the information I knew.

  • A musical instrument (probably a guitar)
  • Football boots
  • A whiskey bottle

I began sketching out some of these ideas, but quickly decided that the whiskey bottle would likely be the best choice – The inclusion of text would allow it to be personal to him and could feature more of his preferences. While doing this, however, I decided that I could combine his interest in music with the bottle, turning it into a Bluetooth speaker with the exterior design of an older bottle of whiskey.

Having drawn out the bottle itself, I finished by drawing the label itself more carefully, including functional and decorative elements, putting his name as the name of the drink.

Funko Pop Vinyl Eminem Speaker

The Ideal Gift for someone who:

  • Loves the genre of rap music
  • Listens to music using the application Spotify
  • Especially likes EMINEM
  • Likes to play videogames/pop culture
  • Likes Funko Pop’s Vinyl figures

I designed a proposal for an ideal gift associated with a few of Zack’s interests/passions. I incorporated his love of rap and EMINEM with the Pop Vinyl figures to create a Vinyl figure of EMINEM that has a Bluetooth speaker that connects to Zack’s Spotify playlist.

Philippine Skateboard

Tristian was my partner for todays session, the three facts that he gave me were;

  • He is half Filipino.
  • He likes skateboarding and used to do it.
  • He recently got into basketball and enjoys it.

I decided to go with a skateboard as the main idea. The Philippines flag is also incorporated on the board. My random words were Eyes, Bee and Army. I decided to place eyes behind underneath the wheels as both the wheels and your eyes guide you. For the other two words I drew the patterns that most associate with the words.

Multi-Function Journal

My partner was interested by these things: flower doodling, cloud photography and stationary.

My initial ideas were centred around stationary sets, with a continuous theme, including  various different flower doodles, and clouds.

I then narrowed down my ideas to a journal, assisted by the random word I received which was “pocket”. This encouraged me to add multi- functional pockets into the journal.

Overall my design idea appealed to all areas of my partner’s interests, and the end result is a functional yet pleasing journal.

Medicine Conveyor Vending Machine

For my ideal gift project, my partner gave three interesting facts about herself:

  1. She eats a lot of medicine
  2. She likes listening to music
  3. She likes writing in Chinese

Unfortunately, I could not include the third point, however,  I have used the first two facts to create a vending machine where you select a pill you want to take, then use the handle to turn the conveyor belt inside to the right pill. Whilst you are turning the handle, her favourite song will be playing through the speaker at the top. The pattern and colours of the machine have been inspired by the album cover of her favourite song, ‘Cherry Bomb’ by NCT 127.

Custom surfboard

During this task we were asked to discuss with a partner three interesting, unusual and extraordinary facts about ourselves. My partner Liam’s three facts were, that he loves football and that it is one of his biggest passions, secondly he was born and grew up in Malaysia and finally he has a keen interest in surfing. When thinking upon what I could design for his ideal gift there was one idea that immediately stood out, a surfboard. Developing this further to incorporate his passion for both football and surfing, I researched football in Malaysia and the design of the national teams kit. Taking this into my design I used the badges tiger for one side of the board and the stripes of the kit along with the FA Malaysia part of the badge on the other side. This design is ideal for the receiver as it explores his heritage and his passions and therefore would be a meaningful and unique gift.