Author: PaulineCheung

Podcast Sticker

Design ideas and design process

This is my first time using Illustrator for graphic design. I rarely use stickers in my life, so I searched for pictures of stickers. I wanted to make a simple and cute style. It took me some time to understand what is Cutcontourkiss and Cutcontourperf, then I started to search for some videos to teach you how to use InDesign.

I like ice cream so I want to design an ice cream shape sticker, so I search some pictures about the ice cream, and I want to show the ice cream melting, I think that would be more interesting, so I make it like this.

And then I saw a video to teach you how to make a sticker, and the designer taught people how to make a shape of cloud so I practice and try to make one.

After that I want to make a sticker in a square way, I want to make it look like an app logo so I make it a little bit like Instagram’s logo, so it looks very simple but also colourful.

Software Tutorial

Illustrator is not as difficult to use as I thought. In fact, it is very convenient and concise, so that I, a beginner, can have a good experience without much pressure. I tried to use different graphics to form a pattern I want, and I used several circles to form a cloud shape. Using illustrator is really interesting.

But I still don’t know more about the functions of illustrator. I’m just using it to do basic things. After watching some teaching videos, I understand that it can do many works belonging to different media. I hope I can continue to use it to make better works in the future.

Design Resources and article

I found and watched two teaching videos. One is to teach you how to draw the outline of stickers, and the other is to teach you how to make basic graphics with illustrator and then modify it to make it a lovely sticker. All the graphics are composed of different graphics, which makes users feel very convenient and inspires me to think differently.


A mysterious camera

In the Ideal gift project, we need to tell our partner the three things we are interested in, my partner likes food, taking photos, and painting in oil colour, so I designed a camera for her which can take black and white pictures after the pictures come out, my partner can paint it, when she uses the camera to take photos on the food and the photos come out from the camera, she can take the food out from the pictures. In the design process, we also need to choose a random word in our design, my word is the bird, my partner told me she does not like birds so I did not draw a bird but I add wings for the camera so she does not need to carry it and the camera can follow her all the time.