Peaky Blinders Inspired Whiskey Bottle Speaker

In the session, Ben told me that his interests include football, rock music and the Peaky Blinders TV series. After completing an initial brainstorm for each possible topic, I began thinking of ideas until I arrived at three potential items that would be personalized and adapted based on the information I knew.

  • A musical instrument (probably a guitar)
  • Football boots
  • A whiskey bottle

I began sketching out some of these ideas, but quickly decided that the whiskey bottle would likely be the best choice – The inclusion of text would allow it to be personal to him and could feature more of his preferences. While doing this, however, I decided that I could combine his interest in music with the bottle, turning it into a Bluetooth speaker with the exterior design of an older bottle of whiskey.

Having drawn out the bottle itself, I finished by drawing the label itself more carefully, including functional and decorative elements, putting his name as the name of the drink.