Author: Hanorah Murphy

The H in my name deserves the hierarchy

At first I did a couple of sketches to see which type face I preferred and the different ways I could create a monogram.

I went with Garamond font as I liked the the flow of the letters more. I decided to take my bottom left sketch further as I liked the idea of having my first name Initial as the more dominant lettering, with my surname in the background. I thought it was ironic as in the name your last name is your family name whereas your first name is you.

I then draw it out as a line drawing and as a whole. I preferred the full type so took it further.

I played around with different media, from digital, collage to watercolour paint.

I researched some famous monograms and found that they consisted of 1 to 2 colours max, mainly black and white. which lead me to my final outcome.