Author: Esha Rajesh

What letter is it?

This session has allowed me to concentrate on finer details like using precision whilst sketching the letters. In the first task, we were given a typeface which we then had to replicate using a different word with different letters. The typeface was not specified so the challenge was to think about what the letter could look like with some help from the letters already given. The letters in the alphabet follow into specific groups. For example, characters with descenders fall into a group of their own; characters with ascenders fall into another. I drew in the x-height line as I knew it would help me know how tall/short the letter should be. In the second task, our objective was to use clues from the visible parts of the letters and then try to imagine what the rest of the letters may look like. We then had to draw this. From the feedback I got from the previous task, I concentrated on how much weight I put on the different parts of the characters.

Harry Potter


Having never used Indesign before, after completing this task, I have learned a range of fundamental skills needed to work the software effectively. As well as following the tutorial, when I was not able to do something, I researched alternative ways in doing the same thing. Photoshop is a program I have used before which has been an advantage as I was able to transfer some of the skills I’d known from there onto this task. One of the main skills I learned was how leading and tracking makes a big difference in organising and keeping your titles and headings separated proportionally. Although I did find it difficult at times, I managed to distort the typical Penguin cover into a book from a series I LOVE!

Social media in a PANDEMIC!

During the outbreak of COVID-19, social media has been quite literally an essential part in people’s lives. Social media has not only been used to find out new information or regulations put into place, but it has become a coping mechanism. It has somewhat distracted us from the real problem. This has been done by the use of memes. Instagram pages like ‘World Health Organisation’ use a different style within their posts compared to a page like ‘coronavirus_memes’. Although their posts are relating to the same topic, they both contribute differently to the social media bubble. Memes take out the seriousness the subject holds and adds a sense of humour and excitement to the post. Like in the example shown above, back when the lockdown was introduced, the public had gone through a mental craze. Shops were left empty and houses were full of bulk-bought items. Economically, this was a complete disaster, however nearly every meme showed a comical aspect. On the other hand, when we look at the ‘WHO’ Instagram page, we see instructive, clean and well-presented posts. Each new update is a thought out piece of artwork, compared to a meme which usually never has an organised finish. They intend for their message to reach an older and responsible target audience, whilst the meme pages target the younger demographic.

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Additional collages made in the task:




Todays task was to create a monogram using our own initials. I experimented with both Garamond and Futura. I drew them separately, as well as combining both fonts together. After joining both letters up, I began to experiment how they would appear on top of each other. I liked the idea of this as when you squint your eyes you can see both letters (the lower case ‘e’ and the upper case ‘R’) It almost looks like a symbol.

My final idea consists of the capitalised print using the Garamond font. Out of everything I done on the paper, I specifically liked how the Garamond font looks like a brand logo. I intended to join both letters up originally, however afterwards, I tried a different style. In the final idea, the ‘R’ is not fully shown, nevertheless you can still distinguish that it is the letter ‘R’.

Variety in our everyday life

Whilst doing this project, I realised how much of lettering is present in our day to day lives. The different signs, logos and numerals we see around us inform, educate or inspire us in one way or another whether it be through an instructing sign, a warning, or a form of merchandising. Although most of the time it is clear what a sign means, sometimes we need to see the scene around it (the context) in order for us to understand the true meaning. After photographing the pictures, I categorised all the images into 4 sets of groups through collages. Each group follows a set of rules to communicate the intended meaning effectively to the public.

I noticed that especially during this unprecedented time due to the virus, we have a large variety of signs and lettering instructing  us to behave in a certain way. To show this in my collage, if you see below, I have accentuated these specific images by editing the ordinary instructive signs we see in our day to day lives black and white. Nearly all these signs use imperative verbs to not only convey the message across, but to highlight the significance and importance. This is also done through the use of the vibrant, pigmented colours. The font used is predominantly sans serif which makes it easier for the public to read. This conveniency is vital as these signs would usually be placed in any fast-paced environment (e.g. shopping centre, restaurant) where people should be able to understand the message without any hesitation or confusion.

Below are some more of the collages I created with the category labelled.











This project was firstly about creating an image which explained a noun. I was given the term ‘City’. In the first image I have drawn an outline of Earth which is surrounded by a few of some famous landmarks we have in our awesome cities. After sketching them in, I have painted over a wash of mixed watercolour over each of them. The 2 colours on every attraction symbolises the flags of their respective countries. After that, we had to take the image we had created and add a second element to change the original nature and meaning. The second image I have created has an educational aspect to it. I decided to incorporate the idea of LEDC’s and MEDC’s. I realised that a simple outline of any building skyline represents ‘Cities’ well, therefore I decided to circulate that outside the drawing of the Earth. I have included a collage of text (names of cities) which are written in an ordered way. Where the buildings are taller, the cities are more economically developed and where the buildings are shorter, the cities are less economically developed.

The first interpretation of the term ‘Cities’, gives us a flawless and perfect view of our Earth, however the second image changes this idea of perfection and encourages us to look deeper into the problems in our cities.

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Burning Pages

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Our first project required us to break the conventions of a typical book (the pages, cover and the binding) Rather than the ordinary text telling the narrative/theme, our task was to narrate the story through deconstructing the book physically. This allowed us to represent the visual dimension of the novel.

I chose the theme ‘Noise’. I discovered after reading the blub and researching about the book, that the narrative was very similar to the idea of the theme. In the theme, the brother and sister inherit family wealth and live a quiet life. They don’t understand the importance of this relationship until the very end where all they have is each other. Similarly, the novel explains how the different characters in the book have to compromise and see that even though there is a war present (set in WW2), that they have to stick together because in the end, your family is always there.

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I have portrayed this link between the novel and theme through the deconstruction of the binding, pages and cover of the book. Firstly, the pages are tea-stained and burnt around the edges to represent the dangers and result the war leaves behind. As the pages continue, they get smaller and smaller. This signifies in the theme how the two siblings went into spaces which became smaller and smaller. At the end of the book, I have stuck a large amount of pages together as a whole to show the solidity and togetherness of family. I have also requoted what has been said at the back of the novel by the author on the edge of the pages I stuck together. At the very back, I have written down key words to summarise the book and the theme in a couple words which covers the blub of the book.

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