This project was firstly about creating an image which explained a noun. I was given the term ‘City’. In the first image I have drawn an outline of Earth which is surrounded by a few of some famous landmarks we have in our awesome cities. After sketching them in, I have painted over a wash of mixed watercolour over each of them. The 2 colours on every attraction symbolises the flags of their respective countries. After that, we had to take the image we had created and add a second element to change the original nature and meaning. The second image I have created has an educational aspect to it. I decided to incorporate the idea of LEDC’s and MEDC’s. I realised that a simple outline of any building skyline represents ‘Cities’ well, therefore I decided to circulate that outside the drawing of the Earth. I have included a collage of text (names of cities) which are written in an ordered way. Where the buildings are taller, the cities are more economically developed and where the buildings are shorter, the cities are less economically developed.

The first interpretation of the term ‘Cities’, gives us a flawless and perfect view of our Earth, however the second image changes this idea of perfection and encourages us to look deeper into the problems in our cities.

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