MA Communication Design and the Ernest Hoch Scholarship

In 2020, Siobhan Bailey was awarded an Ernest Hoch Scholarship to support her studies on our MA Communication Design programme (Graphic Design pathway). The scholarship was endowed by the Hoch family in memory of Ernest Hoch, pioneer information designer and member of TGC from 1971 to 1980.

As Siobhan completed her studies, we asked her to look back at her Master’s degree work in branding, book design, exhibition design, wayfinding, and the dissertation, and reflect on how these connected to Ernest Hoch’s own interests in information design, design with an international context, and design education.

This PDF is her thoughtful response.

Information about Ernest Hoch can be found on the ‘Optimism of modernity’ project website. To apply for an Ernest Hoch Scholarship, go here.