Author: DiondreaDennis

I can’t tell where “d” ends and “D” begins

This project involved reducing my initials to basic geometric shapes or silhouettes and merging them in different ways. My initials are the same letter, so I used both capital and lowercase to gain some variation between round and sharp edges. In my final transmogrification, I used watercolour as a medium to emphasise the theme of fluidity.

A useful time-saving technique that I will take from this task was cutting out my initials to trial different combinations of positions and letter casing without needing to draw them out.

A book without words

In my first mini project, I attempted to tell the brief’s story within the pages. I represented the main character’s frantic search for nothing with rough edges and tears. I split the story into sections and varied cutting/ripping/sticking the pages of my book up until the end, where the reader finds nothing. If I redid this project, I would take it less literally and try to present the obsession so that it is clear what the story is upon first glance.