Rachel Warner and Emily Allbon presenting with presentation slide in the background

Freeing Liberty through information design

This July, Rachel Warner and Emily Allbon presented their project ‘Freeing Liberty through information design’ at the International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication (ICTVC). Their project focuses on designing information on our civil liberties, provided by Liberty. Liberty gave Rachel and Emily a challenge: to identify how information design might help to make their online legal information advice more accessible, useful, and understandable. At the conference, initial ideas were presented for information on:

  • Stop and search – a downloadable online checklist to use when faced with a stop and search event
  • Police complaints – a flowchart that aims to communicate the steps and roles involved in the police complaint process
  • Immigration – the use of illustrations to accompany text to acknowledges experiences and emotions

The project continues to develop, with future plans for workshops with information users, legal experts, and advisors. So, watch this space!

Sketch of a flowchart working out the police complaints processDesign process: sketching out the police complaints process

An image that displays text as a checklist that can be used as an aide memoire in a stop and search eventInitial ideas: draft solution for stop and search information