Facing the world

Engineering template for Tamil characters

Facing the World: Towards a Global History of Non-Latin Type Design” is a special issue of Philological Encounters, edited by Thomas S. Mullaney of Stanford University, and published by Brill. The volume draws on recent research in typeface design that combines insights from the history of typography and typeface design, engagement with archival sources, and evidence from practice-based outputs. The articles explores issues that span non-Latin typeface design across technological generations, as well as shifts in response to new technical and practice environments. The publication of these articles within Philological Encounters underlines the increasing importance of typeface design within related fields, and the deepening links with language-orientated disciplines.

The volume includes articles by staff members Fiona Ross and Gerry Leonidas, post-Doctorate researcher Vaibhav Singh, and PhD graduate Titus Nemeth, and is an extension of the Face/Interface conference and exhibition held in Stanford University, in December 2017.