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Typecon Education Forum slides online

Opening the Education Forum in Typecon Milwaukee, Gerry offered a model for design education focused on typographically-rich environments on tablets, mostly. He talked about teaching the combination of paragraph-level typographic skills, information architecture, and interaction design required for designing complex documents like newspapers on small tablet screens. The slides (without commentary) are on SpeakerDeck.

Typography in textbooks, in Warsaw

OdAlaMaKota logo

The International Conference Od „Ala Ma Kota” Do E-Matury in Warsaw will bring together typographers, designers, publishers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and policy makers from different European countries, to explore the correlation of the design of educational materials and efficiency in education.The rapid-fire event (TED-style condensed presentations of 16 minutes each) will review the current thinking on paper textbook design, and question how to design for new technologies entering the classrooms, from primary to higher education. Gerry Leonidas will link conventional typography with the interactive, expansive, and global typography emerging in text-intensive publications. Bringing things full circle, Gerry first spoke of these trends in Warsaw: nearly five years ago, in the 1st Book Design Lectures by the STGU (English report by the Book Institute here) on “Book design in transition: a threat or an opportunity for designers?”