Transmogrify – HS

Transmogrify – HS

In Kim’s project we experimented with the initials of our names and created a monogram with both of the letters combined, the final outcome is in the featured image and image above.

First i brainstormed ideas, i copied the letters H, S in the different fonts: Futura and Garamond. I drew both of the initials in lowercase and uppercase mixing them together. I used pens, pencils, markers, a ruler, a rubber and layout paper to create these brief designs.

I really liked the bottom right design and the one on top of it. I liked how the main strokes of the H were extended down to match the S, However i chose the one above as i like how the letters blended together better.

Here i drew the process of how the initials merged to make a monogram.

Too improve i would create these designs  online so they would have a more polished finish and also so i could experiment with colour.