The forgotten

In this modern world, do we really see the writing on the wall?

We go about our daily lives and don’t even realise how much writing we come across in the short walk to work. That road sign we’ve driven past 50 times last week and no longer pay attention… The graffiti by our shed, do you still see it?

Unless it’s shiny and new it holds no interest to us, the first time we drive to the new house we’re all bright eyed; that’s a pretty rose bush and that mural looks amazing… Yet we won’t be paying it any attention after we pass it a couple of times. We no longer care, no longer find it interesting and important.

And yet, there’s entire manufacturing process dedicated to each type of writing we no longer take in. We see it and yet we don’t. Those footprints on the ground? The first time you saw them you probably tried to stand on them and be exactly 2 metres from the person in front, right? Now though, a mere couple of month later? You just look for the colour to know where to line up.

The more I looked into the forgotten signs around campus the more intriguing they become once more, how many messages does colour alone convey? How many different ways do lamp posts around campus carry messages or information on them? Who made those signs and how? Why did they decide to put that metal writing on the side of a building and not use paint instead?

Throughout this project I realised how closed my eyes really were and how ignorant I was to the many ways letters are presented to me in my everyday life.