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Photoshop”creative images”

Photoshop”creative images”

This week, I decided to choose “creative images”. The first reason, why I have chosen this assignment is the freedom of choice. We are not bounded by the theme “Typography and Graphic design”.



My theme for this project is Space and the Odd objects. My inspirations for this task are Paul Rand and Henry Matisse.

I love the vibrant colours that were used in their works. They are simple and straight forward.


Posters by Paul Rand



                                                                                                                            Henri Matisse – The Dancer, 1949



Paul Rand was a famous and very talented American graphic designer, who create IBM, UPs and loads of other beautiful logos. “Everything is design. Everything!”1. Paul Rand had an amazing sense of shapes and colours, he managed to mix everything and still had a certain balance in his works.


Paul Rand’s corporate logo designs


Henry Matisse was a famous French artist who created beautiful collages and paintings, following “Fauvism” movement. “That freedom seems to define the works on display: vibrant blocks of colour and simple, exaggerated forms that capture an expression found in memory and intuition. Matisse aspired to creating art that was tangible and could be felt by every man—it is this thought and feeling that pulls you into these large-scale designs.”2



Henri Matisse, The Sheaf, 1953



I have read books about Paul Rand, “Paul Rand : Conversations with Students”.

Quote that impressed me, was:

  1. “Form is how you treat the idea, what you do with it. This is exactly the meaning of design: it is the conflict between form and content, form being the problem.”1

This quote made think a lot and I decided to create a form, that will solve my problem.

My problem: How to represent aesthetically pleasant object with a meaning?

How to represent a Space through the shape?




For this task we have been assigned to use photoshop. While designing, I realised that I want my work to remind the viewer of Henry Matisse art pieces. I have gathered simple shapes to make a collage. I inserted the photo of the circles, that were cut out of paper and placed them on the left side of art board. Then,I have used Liquify filter, to give the circles a melting effect and for that, I have used “Forward warp tool”.

Once, I finished with the circle, I moved on to the photos of planets. I have used a “Quick Selection tool” to cut out the planets. Then, I used a blur tool to smudge the edges of the circles and make look more realistic.

I have applied Matisse’s technique, collage. I changed the layers, so that planets would like like they are underneath the paper circles. Then, I used the eraser tool to remove all unnecessary parts of the planets, that were overlapping with the paper.

Lastly, I added two backgrounds white colour and space background.

Zulya Pashayeva, Space and the Odd objects,2021



It thought me how to apply “onion skin mode”

It ought me how to overlap the pictures



  1. I have learned how to apply different filters: 3D, Liquify, Pixelate and Blur.
  2. I have used new tools: History Brush tool,Blur tool and quick selection tool.
  3. I have learned how to use a property panel.



Photoshop task has not only taught me the technical skills, but it taught me to think “out of the box”. I don’t look at the forms and colours the same way anymore, as they can be transformed and convey absolutely different message to the viewer.







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2.Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs Tate Modern, London, UK, until Sept 7, 2014, and then touring to the Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA from Oct 14, 2014, to Feb 9, 2015

Postcard Assignment.

For the postcard assignment I have decided to create a piece that represent the person who played an important role in Graphic Design, William Morris. William Morris was a British  textile designer, book designer and created famous “Golden Type”. He created Kelmscott Press in 1888,“Deeply concerned with the problems of industrialization and the factory system, Morris believed that a return to the craftsmanship and spiritual values of the Gothic period could restore balance to modern life. He rejected tasteless mass-produced goods and poor craftsmanship in favor of the beautiful, well-crafted objects he designed.In 1888 Morris decided to establish a printing press to recapture the quality of books from the early decades of printing.”

I have chosen black and white photo of William Morris.


I used Adobe Illustrator for this task. I tried a new selection of tools. To create an outline of William Morris’s photo, I have used the “Image Trace”. Then I have filled the background with black color and added three circles with stroke color(transparent). I aligned the  text around the circle, to curve the text and wrap it around in a shape of circle,I applied “Type on the Path Tool”.And the final step was to create a PDF.

William Morris

Overall, it was an intriguing experience, as I anticipated one outcome and got a totally different design. I also learned a lot of technical skills, which helped in my other projects.

Space ship


Ideal gift, what is is?


We have been give an assignment to create an ideal gift for one of our group partners. My partner was fond of traveling, sailing and astronomy. I have decided to make a spaceship for her, so she can travel to the space. Also, I have decided to create a pattern for her.

The color for the background is browny grey, it brings out the colors of the front objects and creates the visual layers.


                                                                                       Staircase illustration


On Monday, we have been assigned to create a book cover that will narrate the story of the book. I have chosen the “Staircase” as my theme for the book cover.It was a story about a man who was barely sick and placed at the 7th floor, however as the time passes by he is moved to the ground level. Even though he wasn’t very ill, he ends up being on the ground floor and therefore, in the grave.

As, the story began at the top floor of the  hospital, and I drew a staircase that started from the title of the book (upper floor) and ended with a photo of a man hugging Death (last floor-grave).The idea behind the picture is , man led himself into the death. I drew a black mantle and a scythe over the   woman to represent her as a death. I  used a black marker to make an illustration of  the staircase and Death, as it looked more dramatic.

Creation of the Penguin Cover

Original Cover


On  Tuesday, we have been given a task of creating a penguin cover. It was a first time  I was using and an InDesign program. I found it very confusing at first, but we had been given a recorded video which helped a lot. The most confusing part was the creating of Penguin Books logos, as we had select, crop, reflect and then shaped the ovals, that were added to one shape. I have spent a lot of time on completing the task, but it was worth it! 😀


Cover created by me


The cover of my book was inspired by a Netflix television series, which was “Emily in Paris”. I have chosen “red” as a main color, because it  represents “Love” for me and “Emily in Paris” is all about romance. I have decided to place the penguin at Trocadero, as it would reflect the theme of the book more. The title of the book is also in red color, as it creates a connection between the upper and the lower part of the book. Initially, the file was in PDF format, but as i converted it in JPG, it lost its quality. Overall, I have enjoyed the freedom of designing the cover, as it let my put all thoughts and creativity in it.