Author: Wassim El Khatib

Working with technology

At first, I chose my theme modern furniture. Then, I started searching on how  I can present my theme and develop it into a mood board. I thought about what feel I want to present to the reader and what typeface I wanna choose. For me, circle presents the most modern shape and therefore the best way to show my theme. I presented technology on the shape on the right as I wanted to show the connection between every smart object. I connected the lines to a lamp that shows modern furniture and tried to play with the colors In order to show the 3D effect. Then, I used the shape on the left to show the floating feel. Finally, I used a modern typography that represents technology and played with the characters size in order to balance my logo.

Joyful Theatre


I started this project with some experimentations in indesign. I did some trials in the margins and columns as I tried to do landscape mode with 2 rows to fit the paper. I learned how to do the table in indesign so I could arrange the text equally along the page.  I began my search on past cinema listings and was inspired by many of them. I noticed how each listing has a different type of font that made the audience feel like they’re in the cinema. Then, I searched for fonts on google that fit well the movies theme and chose “Joyful Theatre” as my main font. I wanted a color that could be strong and independent above the white background so I chose black and dark blue. I tried playing around with the tint in some places too. Next, I added as many paragraph styles as I can in order to practice using them when there are many texts. I aligned the texts together and added a ruler guide for each line so every text would be aligned perfectly. I used Gill Sans Nova font to state the movie’s description, location, and date. I added paragraph rules below the movie title in order to align the date and location of the movie in a designed way. I tried to make the list easy for the eye to read so every age can be attracted to it. I believe I can use many of these stuff I learned in the book design project, especially the paragraph styles and ruler guides.