Brown Design

After selecting the theme “90s Urban Style” prior to the session on Thursday, I decided to create a brief mood board to quickly illustrate the instant ideas I had about my theme. 90s Urban

The 90s style made me instantly think of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (the famous TV series from the 90s), as the main character and the introduction to the show presents a typical “street themed” aesthetic. I noticed throughout the images I observed that there was a consistent theme of graffiti and vibrant (but minimalist) colour schemes. Taking inspiration from this, I pursued the graffiti style, as it perfectly fit the theme of noticeable and eye-catching logos.

Graffiti Design Experimentation Through using Adobe Illustrator, I wrote my name in many different fonts until I found the font “The Blacklist”, this font had joined letters and had varying thickness to the lines, which was a common graffiti style back in the 90s. Additionally, I made my own gradient to use for my lettering, as I wanted to adopt the vibrant hues that were present in the 90s street art. After adding the lines underneath the main text to accentuate the words as well as the overall theme I included a black drop shadow as this was commonly used to add to the 3D element of street art. I believe I have done well in producing a 90s inspired logo for myself with the software that I was provided, but if I was to improve my work I maybe would have experimented further with different gradients or extra layers on top of my text for a better effect.