A Lakers Jersey for a carbonara making, drake loving, basket-baller from Italy.

Lakers Jersey

Our first task was to create an ideal gift for someone we didn’t know, using three or more, fun or crazy facts about them. My partner was Luca, his facts were:
– Loves music (specifically Drake)
– Cooking (specifically carbonara)
– Is from Italy
– Loves basketball (Lakers)

My initial thought was to create a speaker and/or headphones in the shape of a basketball. I drew out a few sketches, but I wanted to be a bit more creative. I was thinking, if I did do the basketball idea, I wouldn’t know where to incorporate his love for cooking or his home country.

After some more thinking I came up with my final and complete gift. I created a lakers jersey where I added small details inspired by the facts I was given. For example, his age is the number seen on jersey and his sponsorships are from an Italian pasta brand (Barilla) and his home country. I also added an extra sponsorship from “Certified Lover Boy” (CLB) in the bottom right corner, which is Drakes new released album.