The end of Club Penguin R.I.P

Club Penguin is an online game that was loved and played by millions across the world, however, it sadly got shut down on March 29th, 2017. The tragedy left millions heartbroken as this game was what they loved playing. Many people sort out to create or find a new version of this beloved game. However, sadly the true club penguin could never be topped and replaced.

The actual main cover of my book design is purple with white text. This design has an image of a penguin from the game Club penguin on the bottom. The font that I used was quite different from the original book cover of the Great Gatsby, however, i thought that it would add some personality to the design, along with a bit of playfulness to it.
I also attempted to include even more images than the Great Gatsby did as well, to ensure the reader would be more engaged with the design. I did however stick to the main theme and layout of the penguin layout , however in the end included images and text that related to ‘Club Penguin’