Sharp Objects (and a dangerous penguin)

I chose to recreate the front cover for one of my favourite books, being ‘Sharp Objects’ by Gillian Flynn, the book is an excellent read, dark, twisted and clever. The line on the front of the book I even love ‘This family isn’t nuclear, its toxic’. It’s a fun play on word with ‘nuclear family’ and chose it for my design. I changed the colouring of the book to green, to try and go for that slightly toxic look, however, wish I could have gotten the colour a bit more acidic looking, but still wanted it to fit with the classic penguin look. I chose to change the bottom short green line to two knifes, a very simple design, just adding in the ‘sharp objects’, and if you look closely you can see that the penguin himself is holding a tiny knife behind his back, all connecting to books name and story.