The dangers of chocolate

In Sara’s project i was given the noun ‘Chocolate’ The first image, which is shown in the featured image, clearly conveys chocolate. The hearts and smiley faces represent how chocolate makes us feel which is usually happy, The hearts are also linked to valentines day as chocolate is a typical valentines day gift. The above diagram shows ideas linked to chocolate i could use in my images. The below image is almost identical to the first however, the Dairy milk has been replaced with the words Heart disease and the hearts and smiley faces have been replaced with skulls and bones, this represents the danger of chocolate and what health problems it can lead too.

In this project i used paper, Pencils, pens and tracing paper. I liked the outcome of the project and how theres a clear link between the two images, However i think i could. have improved by making the presentation of the images more neat and clean.