Plane Ticket to Mexico

I created the ideal gift with the given information of my classmate liking to travel, being half Mexican as well as loving the chocolate Kinder Bueno. I also found out some significant dates in her life as well as favourite letters (J, D, S), colours (pink and black) and numbers (4) to create a personal plane ticket to her hometown in Mexico from her current home in the UK on her 20th birthday, designed on a Kinder Bueno shape.

Logo – 90’s Theme

I created a logo on Adobe Illustrator for my own brand in the style of my chosen theme of Urban 90’s. First, i created a mood board on Powerpoint which was easily accessible as I was designing, to put all my ideas and inspirations in one. I gathered my favourite pictures and analysed what was common throughout to create my logo. I then began using regular shapes to compliment the lines and squiggles seen throughout the 90’s patterns as well as the font reflecting ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ which went well with my theme. I then aligned a sans serif font to balance the logo as the next hierarchy of text to result in my finished logo. I like how this clearly reflects the theme, however some of the colours could be altered to adjust the readability.