Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


This is my “messed up version” for the penguin book cover brief. I chose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as it is a well known classic in the novel world. I selected this light blue to be the main colour of the cover because the book cover I remember seeing as a child was mainly this colour (see above). I wanted to keep the general layout the same so didn’t swap around any of the features but I did exchange the penguin for a chocolate bar outline, which reflects the storyline. I chose to use an outline for the chocolate as opposed to a filled in version as it is lighter so suited the lighter writing it was placed with well. I also changed the publisher’s name to ‘Wonka Books’ as one of the main characters in the book is Willy Wonka. Finally, I added some repeated text to the top blue rectangle. The writing contains some of the peculiar sweets Wonka has in his factory. I selected a slightly darker blue for the text as I wanted it to stand out but this way I still stuck to my colour scheme. I think doing this created depth and texture, and also a contrast with the simple, blue section at the bottom.

CCF Book Cover 04