Burning Pages

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Our first project required us to break the conventions of a typical book (the pages, cover and the binding) Rather than the ordinary text telling the narrative/theme, our task was to narrate the story through deconstructing the book physically. This allowed us to represent the visual dimension of the novel.

I chose the theme ‘Noise’. I discovered after reading the blub and researching about the book, that the narrative was very similar to the idea of the theme. In the theme, the brother and sister inherit family wealth and live a quiet life. They don’t understand the importance of this relationship until the very end where all they have is each other. Similarly, the novel explains how the different characters in the book have to compromise and see that even though there is a war present (set in WW2), that they have to stick together because in the end, your family is always there.

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I have portrayed this link between the novel and theme through the deconstruction of the binding, pages and cover of the book. Firstly, the pages are tea-stained and burnt around the edges to represent the dangers and result the war leaves behind. As the pages continue, they get smaller and smaller. This signifies in the theme how the two siblings went into spaces which became smaller and smaller. At the end of the book, I have stuck a large amount of pages together as a whole to show the solidity and togetherness of family. I have also requoted what has been said at the back of the novel by the author on the edge of the pages I stuck together. At the very back, I have written down key words to summarise the book and the theme in a couple words which covers the blub of the book.

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