Retro logo

I had a lot of fun with this project.  you can see from my mood board my inspiration, but my focus was a retro theme. by looking at many retro designs I saw a great emphasis on line work, bubble, and pop fonts, and either pastel or primary colors. these are the things I chose to incorporate into my design. this project was very fun and I learnt a lot on illustrator.

Indented typography

My theme was indented (debossed) typography. It was very interesting to see how the font was printed onto the metal and the differences between type that was pressed versus the type that was chiseled into a surface. I found this task very interesting and it helped me understand and see printing on mediums differently.

Magic map of magnolia

My partner was Nathalie, she said she liked to travel mostly around Europe, she liked music (rap, alt, and indie) and she liked to dance, specifically ballet. so at first, my gift idea was a gift basket filled with a travel pillow, headphones, and 2 tickets to the ballet. But I thought that was a bit vanilla. so instead I made a magic map of magnolia a county that lives inside a scroll and when you step on it you enter the world. In the world, you can manifest anything you want in that moment eg… the ballet.