About Real Jobs

Students in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication take on ‘real jobs’ as part of their studies. This gives them invaluable experience of designing for real world clients, and means they are better prepared for jobs in the design industry after graduating. The scheme is designed to model common design workflows. From client meetings through to project planning, creative process and successful build and delivery of professional quality design outputs – students experience the design journey from start to finish.

Students are supervised through these real jobs by members of academic staff – who are also practicing designers. The supervisor helps steer students through every stage of the process, whether the final outputs are digital or printed, but the focus is on student exploration and independent learning. Students also benefit from contact with the wider community of practitioners (printers, developers, manufacturers) in which a graphic designer operates.

For clients with a limited budget but a generous timeframe, this is an excellent way to get first-rate design, and to help our students to become better designers. Instead of a design fee, we ask for a donation (suggested £250). Donations go to the Typography Student Fund, which students can apply to in order to fund further development of their professional practice ambitions. Students build their real-world skills, and clients get access to up-and-coming design talent.

If you are a client interested in working with students and you are happy to work around their often hectic schedules, get in touch via the form below. We’re always looking for new projects that can stimulate our talented students, give them fresh experiences and a taste of what their future might hold.


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