I interpreted my prompt as a family who move into a new house and get stuck trying to navigate their way through to the ending. As you go through the book the pages get darker and more creepy, and eventually it ends with the family finding the unknown victims that came before them. It starts off innocent (as seen in second part) but there are warning signals all around them.

The book has doorways cutout to get through the story but they get progressively more unusual and abnormal for the family to get through. Without time constraints, the goal would be to finish each room in the house and develop the backstory. I would have explored more ways to display the sense of despair in the family’s house and shown that through different means of paper craft, like cutting holes into each page to mimic the feeling of being sucked in.

The brief with the backstory was a great way to practice my physical design.It had little purpose, but a lot of meaning that could be inferred through artistic methods, something I thoroughly enjoy about design.


The warning before the end.