A walk into madness

When assigned this project I wanted to turn my book into a series of immersive chapters that makes the user feel as though they are at one with the story character. I wanted to make the user feel lost and feel like they have lost a sense of clarity. My first decision was to create a stairway leading into the story labyrinth. The stairway is to act as an introduction for the story and it gives a good idea to the reader about what they are getting into. After the reader has completed their venture through the first chapter they will be met with a portal into a deep state of loss. After the portal, I decided to give the reader some pages of clarity. I wanted the reader to feel like some sense of clarity was restored because I thought it would give them false hope into believing the loss of clarity is over. Though of course, it isn’t over. Immediately after tricking the user, I threw them into a state of absolute chaos. On the left page, I used my crafting knife to make twenty vertical lines through the paper. This makes the page incredibly hard to read yet you can still make your way through the text, just like the character would find it hard to navigate a labyrinth. On the right page, I used my nails to scratch at the page and I crumpled up the page. This had the same effect as the incisions, though it portrayed how things become blurry and distorted in your mind. and finally, we make it to the last two pages of my experiment. You find a patchwork page mixed with aged and new book paper. This is supposed to be a metaphor for how time can become mixed up and lost in a labyrinth.
Overall, I was happy with how my experiment went. If I had a second attempt I would experiment more with 3D aspects of my book as I found it to be quite immersive which would entice more readers to use my product.