Promoting the Global Goals

About the project

This website showcases an exhibition of work by Part 2 students from the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication featuring proposals for posters and supporting material in response to a brief from Project Everyone, a United Nations Global Partner dedicated to promoting seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

Each student was given the task of creating a compelling poster to promote one of the goals. Our work needed to incorporate graphic, typographic, or illustrative elements, and feature the campaign hashtag #ImagineWinning, as well as project branding and a call-to-action.

Theme: Well-being

Goal 1: No Poverty

Adina Czirjak 

‘No Poverty’ aims to eradicate extreme poverty globally by implementing sustainable social protection systems and promoting equal access to resources, education, and basic services. The goal is to ensure economic opportunity and social inclusion regardless of background and location, lifting individuals out of destitution. My poster draws attention to poverty by highlighting the signs that show that it is still a significant problem in society.

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Vivien Lee 

While many people know that hunger is a leading cause of death in the world, most do not know that the leading cause of hunger is war. My poster conveys this fact by referencing the well known ‘5-a-day’ guidance for a healthy diet. But instead of fruits and vegetables, those suffering from hunger must instead consume a hand grenade.

Celeste Clift 

My campaign juxtaposes hand-painted childlike depictions of foods, bright red crosses, and shocking statistics about food waste to draw attention to this issue. My work calls for the audience to think before they buy, and to freeze food to prevent it going to waste.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Aaron James 

The concept for my brand centres on informing people about vaccination. Misinformation about vaccines is everywhere. The brand aims to reduce confusion through the use of simple, powerful statistics. Instances of text-as-image add strength to the brand.

Karissa Ng 

There is a high rate of drug addiction in the UK, especially among young people. Misusing drugs badly affects health. My poster uses the symbol of a pill to represent a gravestone, suggesting that people die because of drug use. I hope to convey the message that people can quit drugs before it’s too late.

Goal 14: Clean Water and Sanitation

James Page

My poster shows the reality of not having clean water. It implies that only one drop of unclean water can affect a life and lead to a perilous future. The dystopian colour scheme demands that the poster be taken seriously.

Hana Khan

My poster portrays the earth at an important moment in time, at the halfway point of its journey. I want to convey the reality of our limited resources while encouraging the collective effort needed to ensure access to clean water and sanitation – a fundamental and universal right.

Theme: Equality

Goal 4: Quality Education

Tilly Dobson 

Education is something that many people take for granted. Yet a lot of children do not have this opportunity. By using jumbled up letters from the word ‘education’ along with a statement underneath, this poster demonstrates what children suffer when they lack education.

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Kawn Al Busaidy 

While the accomplishments of men are recognised and they are given leadership and administrative roles, the accomplishments of women and their advancements in the workplace are typically concealed. My poster raises awareness about gender inequality, especially in the workplace.

Lovell Nanditta 

My poster aims to raise awareness about Female Genital Mutilation. The blood red single line illustration of a young woman represents the thread used in the procedure. I hope to make the audience uncomfortable.

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Finn Lewis Goal 10

Economic inequality has grown dramatically over the past one hundred years. My poster aims to inspire people to help slow the problem. It uses text and images that reflect the desperation of those affected.

Emily Perrin Goal 10 

My work serves as a reminder that men and women of all ages
frequently turn to hazardous migration routes to escape impoverished lives, but whose journeys may result in disappearances or fatalities.

Theme: Environment

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Tasnia Zahin Asmi 

The world relies heavily on non-renewable energy resources. This is harming the present and threatening the future. Replacing non-renewables with sustainable resources is an important step. My poster explores two ideas: how puzzles and unity with symbols can represent energy resources, and how humans can together solve the energy
resources crisis.

Jamie O’Driscoll

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Olivia Moors 

Everyone knows how quickly people make a purchase when they are informed that stock is low. My idea is to replicate that sense of urgency when it comes to the protection of our planet. This poster ties together a sense of fast consumerism and the fashion industry’s impact on the health of the planet.

Emily Baggaley

Products are being made and consumed at an unsustainable rate. My campaign targets the sports industry, promoting the growing trend of buying second-hand goods.

Goal 13: Climate Action

Matthew Lui 

Global warming is a serious issue around the world. In Britain, pollution makes heat in the atmosphere more and more dreadful. This poster presents the issue in an eye-catching way, like a thriller, to make the audience take action.

Luke Dyer

Climate change is well-known around the world. Many people can tell you about its global effects, such as the melting of the ice caps. My idea is to pivot to a local scale showing that we, ourselves, are producing the emissions that ‘poison’ the air we breathe.

Goal 14: Life Below Water

Jony Hodgson 

My concept revolves around manipulating objects to show the impact we are having on our oceans. The premise of the campaign is to shock people into realising how much waste is being dumped in the ocean, in the hope that we can make a change.

Stella Caruso

Many people use plastic without giving a second thought to where it
ends up. Most often, it ends up polluting the ocean. My poster aims to shock viewers, leave a lasting impression, and encourage the use of sustainable alternatives.

Goal 15: Life On Land

Ben Sturgis 

My poster focuses on the horrific damage caused by humanity’s
greed and the lack of accountability in the process of deforestation. Statistics in the poster shock the viewer and remind them of the damage that’s been caused.

Bella Roberts 

My poster aims to evoke a response in the viewer by referring to the environmental film, WALL-E. The image of the endearing robot, together with a lone green shoot in a desolate landscape, prompts nostalgic affection and while delivering a stark warning that our neglect of the land, if unchecked, could become – like WALL-E’s earth – our bleak reality.