Author: DanielCox



I chose the narrative about the man who starts at the top of the Sanatorium but as the days go by he is slowly moved to the bottom floor where he dies. I tried to capture the idea of travelling down through the sanatorium, I did this by cutting descending stairs into my book so like the protagonist in the narrative you too move down through the floors, each page being a step closer to your inevitable doom. On the last page I was going to write ‘death’ however I was concentrating so much on making the word look pretty I actually spelled death incorrectly so i just scribbled over it and drew skeletons, graves and other visuals you correspond with being dead.

Exploration of the word ‘War’


For this task I had to explore the word ‘war’ and create two striking images to show both the positive and negative interpretations of the word. My first image displays a WW2 soldier in his uniform, this could show the pride in fighting for your country. The second image shows a prisoner of war, who has no pride and is stripped from his uniform. The gif lines up both these characters eyes which could suggest they are the same person. This gif explores the effect war has on a man and how the person who’s goes in is not always the same person who comes out. I added a graphic striking pink colour and the text ‘war’ in helvetica font as I think it looks impactful. I’m not sure if the animation with actually play or if I’ve just attached a stationary image.