Podcast Cover – Photoshop Task

Design Ideas & Design Process

For my three podcast cover designs I went for two similar designs and for my third I went down a different route. My first two I went for a calming theme so I took the route of waves and the beach. I was aiming for a soothing podcast aesthetic that looks easy to listen to. I prefer the look of my second podcast cover as I think the first one has too many clashing colours. I then for my final design tried to mimic a school book with stickers covering it. I added a book background and then edited all my pictures to have a white border to make it look like stickers have been layered on top of each other. This was meant to portray the educational and student side of the podcast.


Software Tutorials

I firstly used the videos provided on blackboard to give me the basics to start this project. I then mainly used my knowledge I already had of photoshop to create my designs. I have some background using photoshop so I had a decent basic knowledge to allow me to crop and edit photos. I did search up and watch a video on how to transfer images from raster to vector images. This helped enhance the images that I picked out from my searching online. I want to continue to enhance my ability to edit pictures and combine images to work together perfectly. I want to increase my knowledge on the lighting and editing tools in photoshop which will help images work well together rather than look like separate images that do not belong.

This is the link to the video I used to help me convert raster images to vector images.


Design Resources & Articles

In terms of design resources and articles I did not go searching for any. I wanted my ideas to come from me and I wanted to test my creativity with this photoshop task to see what I could produce. I then want to build on from this using external inspiration but I believe generating my ideas alone allowed me to really see where my ability and creativity is currently at and gives me a base to start growing from.