‘Riches to Rags’


I chose the theme noise because I liked the idea that the sibling’s comfort zones were disrupted. They start off with a big house that they inherited from their parents, and they are living a comfortable, care-free, and quiet life. However their lives then become very disrupted and unsettling. Towards the end of the process they have less and less of the house, until they are forced to escape out of a window and into the bare street with nothing…..stripped away of everything, living on the street, going from ‘riches to rags’.

I was inspired by Jonathan Safran Foer’s ‘Tree of Codes’, however instead of cutting out unnecessary words, I chose to draw lines through the unnecessary words. I left the words that symbolized blissful, domestic life.

I chose to symbolize the noise by drawing sound decibels, getting greater and greater to show that it is a threat to the siblings peaceful existence.

The door symbolizes their escape into a smaller part of the house, and the lock symbolizes the siblings trying to secure themselves away from the noise.  The sections of the house that they escape to get smaller and smaller, and I have depicted this on my cover page.

On the last few pages, the siblings escape through a window and into the empty street, left with nothing.

I decided to change the shape of my book to depict a house, which allowed the characters to move through the house (book), until they escaped out of the house, and out of the book.  This action was inspired by Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Your House’.

Some photos I have taken of my book pages (view them in order: from top row to bottom row) :