Obsession Book


In Berta’s ‘broken narratives project’ i chose the theme ‘Obsession’

The book connotes the story of a woman sat in a library, she then sees what she thinks is a mouse in the corner of the room. She slowly starts to dismantle the room bit by bit, this is seen in my book through cut outs and folded pages throughout the book. The final bit of the book which can be seen above and in the featured image, shows the word ‘Nothing’ repeated in different colours and directions this depicts that the woman found nothing and that she was obsessing over something that didn’t  exist. Throughout the book i cut a silhouette of a person which can be seen when the the pages of the book are flipped, this represents the woman throughout the story.

What I enjoyed

I enjoyed experimenting with different tools to represent parts of the story throughout the book, i used scissors, Glue, Markers and a craft knife to depict parts of the story. I feel like i could have made the presentation of the project better, but overall I am happy with the way parts of it turned out. For example, I like how the woman’s silhouette shows throughout the book.