Is the environment really boring?

A blend of pano and ‘organic’ shots.

Walking aimlessly around, I never really realised how recurring the lettering around the campus could get. Almost every sign(board) had the same generic, bold San Serif font. The only factor that was changing, was the background colour of the subject, depending upon the importance of the information.

Soon it became clear that it was easy to look at lettering in environment from a stagnant point of view. Instead of focusing on purely sign(boards), which were predominant around the campus, it was time to look around various objects, even if all of their lettering style was similar.

As you can see above, bold text is still widely popular, but what makes it different is the texture behind the lettering. The materials, whether they are heavily industrialised or natural, end up creating a different visual image each time. This could suggest that even if much simpler or bolder texts are used more commonly around us, the texture and the material can provide a different feeling and effect.

It’s all about looking closer at lettering in an environment, breaking it apart and considering every single material that supports it.