Adventure Time with a Book



Unlike any other regular shapes, noise has no restricted form. I used an ink pen to draw out an irregular shape and used dots to create a fading effect, just like how noise travels and vibrates in the air. This also showed its volume is gradually decreasing from far to close and formed a sense of distance.

In the next page, I cut off the centre of pages in different sizes. I grouped around 20 pages as one layer and trimmed a smaller size after each layer, which created a depth to the plain page. Moreover, I made a tiny window at the corner of the page. Instead of just drawing it out, I decided to make the window moveable to make it less dull and increase interaction between the reader and the book, because they need to mover the window by their own in order to progress to the next scene.


To me, books are always meant to be stored or treated in a nice way, I never cut or destroyed a book until this project. It was an absolute amazing time to experience something that I have never done before. As it was my very first time trying this, I made a few attempts before my final one.

For example, I was supposed to create layers (shown above) but I did not get enough pages and thickness, so it still looked so plain. I even blackened some areas to make those layouts more obvious, unfortunately it did not really work out.

Overall, I enjoyed the whole process of thinking ideas on how to portray the plot and theme by cutting the book. Indeed, the project provided me an opportunity to explore new methods of expressing idea.