Welcome to Typography!

Before you are fully enrolled on your course, these links will help you navigate welcome week and get ready for the start o your studies.

Things to buy

Computer buying guide
Essential info about the laptop (and other bits) you will need on our course

Pre-sessional reading list
You don’t have to buy or read all of these, but make sure you look at some of them, and perhaps buy the ones you most enjoy.

Studio equipment list
On our course, you make things! This is a list of essential kit.

Things to do before you arrive

Study smart (goes live on 30 Aug)
This short online course (c.9 hours) is compulsory for all our new starters. It helps you understand life at university, including key skills in reading, writing and referencing (and how to avoid plagiarism). When you complete the course you’ll get a certificate, and we’ll need you to submit this in the first week or term.

IT Induction playlist on Youtube
Once you arrive, this list will help you configure your laptop properly to work with our systems

Staying in touch

Applicant portal
A useful place for messages from the University.

Our Facebook group for Part 1 students
We’ll use this group throughout your studies. Sign up now!

Welcome week

Department welcome week timetable [draft]
Timetable, info and links for welcome week. This will evolve in the weeks running up to the start of term – it’s not FINAL until Welcome week itself.

IT Induction playlist (Youtube)
You need to run through all these videos before Thursday of Welcome Week.