Experimenting with logo text

Design ideas and design processes:

Design 1

D1- experimenting with typefaces

D1- using the path tool for text

D1- proportioning the text

For my first logo design, I wanted to experiment with using shapes and practise using the path finder tool. As i wanted to create a simplistic first design, i started by choosing a thin typeface. This worked really well in the end because it meant that the logo didn’t look too cluttered. I then used the path finder tool which gave the logo its circular shape, i created this by first drawing the circle using the ‘shape’ tool then i used the ‘type on the path tool’ type tool. This was good for adding further information it didn’t take the attention away from the letter initials. The use of a more decorative serif font for the text within the path tool worked for the same reason and by mixing it with a simpler font help convey the different elements of design.

Design 2

D2- Picking the typefaceD2- Working with proportion


D2- experimenting with colour 02 D2- experimenting with colour 01

D2- finishing edits

In contrast to my first design, i wanted to create a more flamboyant logo that reflects the creativity of the brand. Even though the ‘L’ comes after the ‘N’ i decided to place the ‘N’ almost inside the other letter as it made the logo come together and it worked well with the shape that each letter provides. I then experimented with colour and filling in the initials. To go along side with the positioning of the initials, i filled the ‘N’  because it is the first initial of my name so it stands out more. I then tried to figure out where to out the word ‘design’, i started by placing it above the ‘N’ and below the ‘L’ but i thought that it it fit the logo well by going into the ‘L’.

Design 3

 D3- Picking the font


D3- editing the sizes of the text and positioning

For my final design, in some ways i’ve combined elements from both of the previous designs. I mixed two different typefaces for the main initials, the ‘N’ matching my first design and the ‘L’ from my second design to again visually present the creativity of the brand. As well as to make the logo more visually interesting for viewers. I gave the ‘L’ the letter the font with the most curves because it create a mirror between the ‘N’ and ‘DESIGNS’.