Experimenting with layers in Illustrator

  1. Final Outcome Design Idea 

For my sticker design, I wanted to an image that was eye catching. In order to do this, I decided to experiment with combining shapes and images using the resources Illustrator has .

2. Creating a Clipping Mask

                    I found a tutorial on YouTube that demonstrates how to combine an image and shape using the ‘Clipping Mask’ effect. How to do Clipping Mask in Illustrator – 2 MINUTE Tutorial – YouTube The process is when you select both images making sure that the ‘shape’ is on top, then go to ‘Object’, ‘Clipping Mask’ then ‘Mask’. I used a print that combined different typefaces to visually demonstrate the use the content of the Podcast.

3. Combining the two chosen shapes 

I wanted to experiment with two shapes rather than the traditional one, as it would provide more space for experimentation. I placed the blank star slightly on top as the star with the print provided a nice background design.