TY1SK Blog Post

For my illustrate a task I chose to do the creating a logo using your initials task which I quite enjoy it but had some issues with the software going through it first so I was practising creating a 3-D effect using some words such as bands for my brand I was working with but when I attempted to use the same techniques to make my own logo illustrator kept on crashing throughout the steps so I decided to find another way to create a logo using two initials of my first name and my second name, because looking at my last name along with my first name I can’t I couldn’t really think of anything that would be a aesthetic to use as a logo so I decided to use W and A, which gave me more ideas which I was then able to create a logo which are quite liked the look of and I was able to played about with. As you can see you have combined the W with A and duplicated it layered it on top of each other to create a kind of shadow. To do so, first I cut up some shapes and letters and position them in a way which worked well together, then doing some readjusting,  to change the edges as they weren’t really straight or there were two curved for me to use so it was difficult for me to keep it clean and neat for my logo so, after doing that I then duplicated that and made it a black fill to then duplicate again and make a blue shade so that it looks like a shadow behind it almost like a 3-D effect which I wanted to go with to begin with but I couldn’t use the same effect as I had done before because of problems with illustrator but overall I’m happy with the outcome of my final production with this logo as it came out me and straight and 3-D.